Where Is The Car Tattle When Pedaling The Cause Of The Cause?

The car was shocked when the gas pedal was a sign of a motor vehicle that was malfunctioning. The driver needs to check and fix soon to protect the engine as well as increase the durability of the vehicle. The wind of the dust across too many winds is responsible for filtering dust from the air before entering the engine. If the wind filter is too much cling to dust, the amount of air enters the engine will be irregular. This makes the automotive engine shocked

. To overcome you should clean the wind filter or replace the new wind filter.do breakup broken broken can be due to worn electrodes, the electrodes are melted; Or have soot sticking on the electrodes of the spark plug. This makes the slot of the electrodes on the spark plug wide, the process of making electric sparks occurs difficult
In addition, broken spark plugs can be high-pressure wires, the power splitter is broken ... If you encounter this case you should replace the spark pls as well as other parts. It will help overcome the phenomenon of broken motorbuges that can be broken. Open angle of the throttle to ECU. If the variables are damaged or a short-circuit phenomenon, the ECU will control a lot of fuel in the combustion chamber. Or the circuit of the sensor is opened with fuel will be sprayed less. This also causes automotive engines to be shocked, dead, difficult to start.Do Waste Circulation Egrvan Egr Waste gas circulation is responsible for putting part of the emissions into the combustion chamber to reduce engine heat and Reduce hazardous components in emissions
Valve EGR can be stuck or leaked. This makes the motor engine scatitioned or die. The Egr emission circulation is responsible for putting a part of the emissions into the combustion chamber to reduce the thermodynamic thermodynamic oxygen sensor Oxygen sensor is responsible for measuring the amount of oxygen Emissions and send signals to ECU. Now ECU will handle information and calculate the amount of fuel to spray into the fire chamber. After a long time using the sensor will be soaked with the holes on the sensor. This makes the ECU to operate incorrectly, causing the engine to lose fire, fuel consumption and influence in injectors that make the automotive engine shocked.

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