Where Light Never Turns Off

Life has a lot of miracles, and one of those miracles is made up of the loving hands, brains and hearts of the team of white blouse coat. The stories that Dr. Tran Quoc Khanh said in his book is to know how many magic in 'where light never turns off'.0: 00/2: 24nam north with a wide knowledge platform, specialized Strictly, compassionate heart with patients and enthusiasm at work, Dr. Tran Quoc Khanh was not only beloved in the hospital where he worked, but on social networks, he was a "hot facebooker" With the "thousands of likes" posts on health always favorite and advise

. But, Dr. Tran Quoc Khanh has always been painful when noticing many yet right medical information on social networks, and it is part of the reason for his doctor to become the author. The duo "where light never turns off" and "the best doctor of his house" is cherished for 5 years of Dr
Tran Quoc Khanh recently launched readers. The first page of the book " Bright never turned off "Bring a lot of surprises, when readers are now or, behind the high looks, fresh smiles and white glasses filled with the taste of" The song "is a baby journey Severe poetry. Born in the mountainous forest area of Nghe An province, adjacent to the border of Laos, the boy must walk nearly 20km to school to school. But learning like a new flame was so long that had to be dummy because of the poverty, until he visited his grandparents, he met the important turning point of his life. Although it was also poor, all year round of salt-paddy rice and salt salt, but grandparents still tried to raise 5 children to school, including the boy Khanh. Overcoming extreme challenges, living away from parents, Khanh Khanh has worked constantly to be recruited directly into Hanoi Medical University, learned in-depth inpatient on spinal nerve surgery, and then About the work at Viet Duc Hospital. The story of the life of Dr. Tran Quoc Khanh, perhaps, is a warm light of the energy, love, led readers to "where light is not ever turned off ". There, how many stories are reinstalled by the doctor. Is the image "Mother crying in the afternoon of Vu Lan"
As two pieces of life, "This place of life is lifted, someone who is ruined". As situations "in hundreds of thousands of situations happened in length over 100 years at the hospital emergency surgery room where the doctor is working. In that place, the light has never turned off. It was light illuminating the surgery, it was also the light ray to light the hope of hope for the people who wore waiting out there. Time to go away, everything can be moved, only this light is stable, steadfast, persistent lighting with the dedication, love and responsibility of the physician ". The best doctor of his home "shared a number of medical knowledge so that readers can actively care and preserve their health and family. According to Dr. Khanh, "Basically, the health and life is determined by ourselves", if each person is aware of active health care and prevention, in a non-distant future, physical health And the spirit of people will be explicitly improved. Books are published by Industrial and Commercial Publishing and Thai Ha Books.

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