Which Cars Are Selling Cars In Vietnam?

Honda is one of the most strong and most prestigious automobile and motorbikes in Vietnam. Honda's product lineup in Vietnam currently includes 7 models of vehicles in September / 5: 49 Namhonda Vietnam, which is a joint venture between 3 companies including: Honda Motor (Japan), Asian Honda Motor Company (Thailand), Vietnam Motivacity and Agricultural Machine Corporation, born in 1996. The main product of this joint venture is automobile and motorbike. After 9 years of operation and development, Honda Vietnam is the main Wake up to manufacturing automobile assembly in the country, marking the big advance of the company. Currently, in particular in terms of automotive segments, Honda owns a series of large echo cars in the market like Honda City, Honda CR -V with many times to contribute to the top selling

.Honda Accord in Vietnam Automobile Exhibition 2019 2019, Honda Vietnam introduced the 10th generation customer of the Honda Accord family model. The car is imported from Thailand with a single version.Honda AccordTuy has only one version but the Honda Accord price has 2 different levels, depending on the exterior color option
Specifically: The black exterior paint isolates / silver fashion can be priced at VND 1,319 billion with a pearl white with a price of VND 1,329 billion. The face in the sedan segment D, Honda Accord will join the war to win the market share Along with other models such as Toyota Camry, Mazda 6 or Kia Optima ... Honda CR-V. in 2008, Honda CR-V was first introduced to Vietnamese consumers. At this point, CR-V seems to be monks in the war to win the market share at the middle-size Crossover segment very few competitors. Total Honda CR-V sales after more than 10 years of market entry is 23,000 vehicles, a very desirable number.Honda CR-Van 2017, when the 5th generation is updated, CR-V has more version 7 Seats with exterior design are completely different, young, strong, have more pits than before. From the beginning of 2018 until 2019, the new generation Honda CR-V rapidly achieved success and many times leading the segment
At the present time, Honda CR-V has all 4 versions. The price of Honda CR-V is as follows: Honda CR-V LSE: 1,138 billion donghonda CR-V 1.5L: 1,118 billion donghonda CR-V 1.5g: 1,048 billion donghonda CR-V 1.9e: 998 million Dong.Honda Civichonda Civic is the first model to be shipped by Honda Vietnam. This is also a starting model for Honda's automobile segment in Vietnam in 2006. Immediately opened for sale, Civic quickly occupied a large market share and was very popular with Vietnamese customers.Honda Civic in 2016, 10th generation of the 10th generation This model is officially launched with a spectacular change in style, elegance, younger. But it is also from here, Civic is no longer assembled but has moved to the whole unit. This makes the car selling price also increase significantly. The Honda Civic car at the present time is as follows: Honda Civic 1.8E: 729 Million VND (pearl white 734 million) Honda Civic 1.8g: 789 million VND (color White pearl 794 million VND) Honda Civic RS: 929 million VND (pearl white / red personality 934 million VND) .Honda Civic contributed to Sedan C segment, confronting models like Mazda 3, Kia Cerato, Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corolla Altis ... Honda HR-VSAU nearly 2 months of market exploration, Honda HR-V has officially announced the selling price for the Vietnamese market on September 18, 2018. HR-V was taken to the country in the form of imported CBU from Thailand.Honda HR-Vehicle with 2 versions of G (standard) and L (high-end), the current Honda HR-V car price is as follows: Honda HR-V G: 786 million Donghonda HR-V L (Silver / Black / Blue): 866 million Donghonda HR-V L (Pearl / Red): 871 million Donghonda CityHonda City launches Vietnam automobile market In 2013 and quickly became a formidable opponent of a series of class B segments at that time. Up to now, this is still one of Honda's "pillars" products on the S..Honda City shaped land strip on the war to win extremely harsh market share with a series of strong names like Toyota Vios, Hyundai Accent ... Honda City 2021 still has its own place with youthful exterior ownership, flooding technology as well as outstanding amenities. On December 9, 2020, Honda City 2021 new generation was updated with 3 versions. Accordingly, the price of Honda City for the following versions: Honda City G: 529 million Donghonda City L: 569 million Donghonda City RS: 599 million Donghonda Jazzhonda Jazz was first introduced at Vietnam Automobile Exhibition 2017 (VMS ) And quickly gain attention to the dynamic, modern appearance and series equipped with excess amenities.Honda Jazztu, by the end of May 5/2020, Honda Jazz suddenly disappears from HVN product portfolio , Doubting suspicion of this model has been declared. HVN has not given official announcements, while genuine dealers reveal Honda Jazz has now stopped importing, the number of survival cars is being promoted to market. Honda Jazz cars before being posted by death At the following level: Honda Jazz V: 544 Million Donghonda Jazz VX: 594 million Donghonda Jazz RS: 624 million Dongghonda BRIOX is in Vietnam from VMS 2018 but must be until 18

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