Which Delivery Service Is Operating In 15 Days Ho Chi Minh City Stretches?

In addition to delivering food and transporting passengers must pause according to Directive 16, there are many other delivery services remained instead of 9: 00/2: 55 Nou southern national 9-7, Foody Joint Stock Company (ownership Now) indicates that after the official discontinuation of Nowfood service (delivery of food) in Ho Chi Minh City within 15 days of 0.17, enterprises still provide 2 NowFresh services (going to the market) and Nowship (Delivery of packages, essential bales ...)

. "We always remind, recommend a driver's partner to take measures to prevent epidemics, such as: serious implementation of 5k, contactless delivery, Daily electronic medical declaration through the BlueZone application and opened the application regularly when operating, antiseptic after delivery, regular delivery bags ..
simultaneously, encourage users to pay online Limit the maximum communication with many people "- Representative of Foody Joint Stock Company said. Temporary suspension of GrabFood service on Grab platform, night 8-7, Grab also confirms to stop providing other administration services H Grabbike (previously stopped grabcar) and Grabfood delivery service in Ho Chi Minh City within 15 days according to directive 16. GrabExpress services (Delivery) and Grabmart (going to the market) still work normally. "An All is Grab's top priority. In the context of the present, Grab continues to implement many policies to improve safety for users and partners such as: Deploying GrabProtect compulsory drivers to declare medical, disinfecting and wearing masks throughout process operation; remind partners to check and announce everyday body temperature on the grab application for the driver; Encouraging contactless delivery between driver and user partners, maintaining a minimum distance of 2m when receiving goods; Providing free medical masks, gloves and manual washing solutions for partners "- Representing Grab information and also encourages users to choose non-cash payment to reduce unsafe exposure. Similarly, BE also announces stopping a 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive service from 0 hours on 9-7 but still maintains delivery and market services. In the market, the app is delivered from Korea - BINAM announces to stop the entire service in Ho Chi Minh City from 9-7 to the same anti-epidemic community and will return to 15 days. On the side of e-commerce floors, policies to ensure safety for warehouses , People who deliver and receive goods are also quickly activated. For example, Lazada said the warehouse, the infrastructure of this platform is constantly being sprouts between shifts. At the same time, the entire team Transport workers are divided into separate work; medical declaration and daily health monitoring; Applying non-contact delivery processes and always compliance with 5K
G Online Shopee notes the traffic and transactions increase in recent times. In order to ensure that the shopping needs in the current peak period, this floor said it has maintained customer care channels such as hotline, email, direct chat to support users. " In areas applying enhanced quarantine measures or other restrictions, there may be some delays in completing orders and Shopee is also actively working closely with transport partners to Maximize this disruption "- Shopee admits. Duong Duong

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