Which Drugs Respond To Acne Status Do Wear A Mask?

Wearing a mask is a measure that is considered easy to implement and bring high efficiency in the prevention of the spread of Covid-19. However, wearing a mask can make acne outbreaks. How to fix this problem? 0: 00/5: 51 Southbs domain. Huynh Thi Nhu My - TP University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Ho Chi Minh Share to readers with helpful information about how to care and overcome acne when wearing masks

. Why wears a long-term mask causing acne outbreaks? According to a study Implemented in 2020 at Pacificamore Laboratory in Korea, to survey how the nature of the skin changes in 6 hours after wearing a mask. The results have been recorded that wearing a mask can cause changes on the skin: - skin temperature and greasy activity rise on the cheeks, the area around the mouth and chin. - Redness skin irritation in the cheeks
- Moisture of the area around the mouth decreases. In particular, there is a significant difference in the wearable area of the skin redness and moisture of the skin compared to the non-worn region. It is important that skin changes can occur in a relative time Short when wearing masks (1 hour) .Deo masks can make acne status outbreaks. However, these changes increase the on-site inflammation for sensitive skin and acute congestion In the pores that have exacerbated acne conditions. How to care and overcome this situation? According to the US Dermatology Association, the following measures will help you improve this problem: - Skin care mode with suitable products - Selecting mild cleanser lines can help eliminate excess oil, sweat and bacteria. Avoid cleansers containing alcohol or flavoring if your skin is sensitive. If the condition of severe acne, the line of cleanser combines with LHA, BHA or ZN components ..
can be the product you need. of increased greasy activity, can use moisturizing products with components such as Licochalcole A, Dimethicone, Kaolin ... can suck surface lubricants and make your skin dry for a while. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or ceramide ... providing moisture for skin also reduces the compensating greasy hypertension. Note that only applying ice cream after cleaning skin. Also when skin problems are worse, your doctor can specify the use of treatments such as benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid, retinoid ... These drugs are not Automatic use before being examined and prescribed by a dermatologist.1. Benzoyl peroxide: Used to treat prolonged acne, local dermatitis, feather cystic inflammation, large red, serious skin on the skin. Drugs that inhibit bacteria cause inflammatory acne on the skin, peeling and bubble skin horns. However, the drug can make the skin easily sensitive to the sun, so it is necessary to apply sunscreen and wear protective clothing when going Outdoors. When applying medicine, avoiding to stick to the nose, mouth, eyes or any skin area is opened because it can irritate. The vegetation can cause skin peeling, itching snoring, redness and irritation. Skin when starting to use drugs. To ensure efficiency and safety when taking the drug, use only the procedure specified by the doctor. Need to stop applying medication immediately and tell your doctor when you see hypersensitors or hypersensitivity reactions. Azelaic acid: Used to treat acne from mild to medium. The drug reduces the number of bacteria that causes acne on the skin and helps keep pores ventilated, thus reducing acne. Before using the drug, it is necessary to clean and dry the skin areas to be treated. Apply medicine on the skin 02 times a day, in the morning and evening. The time for medication should follow the doctor's instructions. Thin layer of thin and massage gently on the affected skin area. It is necessary to persevere to apply drugs every day, at the right time to produce the best effect. Clean your hands after use to avoid the wiring to other areas of the skin, especially the eyes, nose and mouth. If unfortunately the drug is sticking to any of the above areas, it is necessary to wash immediately with a lot of water and call the doctor if the irritation remains. Do not apply the skin regarded the medicine unless there is a doctor's designation. Note that there is no use of more medicines or applying drugs than specified. Because more drug use does not help improve acne conditions better that the risk of side effects can increase. Also, due to the drug may take a month after use, the skin condition is new Improved. Therefore, patients need to persevere to use enough time to specify doctors' treatment. If acne conditions are bad or not improved, immediately inform doctors.3. Retinol: When acne status from medium to severe, other treatments have adopted other treatments but are not relieved, the doctor may consider using retinol.retinol to help reduce oil production and destroy Bacteria cause acne and infection. After being applied to the skin, retinol can ventilated pores, allowing other acne creams and active ingredients to work better. Besides, Retinol also reduces the development of acne

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