Which Great Emperor Established Saint Petersburg City?

In Russia's history, this great emperor is remembered by many people who are the founder of Saint Petersburg. Thanks to this event, Russia's economy strongly developed.PyoTR I (1672 - 1725) was also known as Peter I, Peter Great or Pierre I was famous for the list of great emperors of Russia. This Tsua has many achievements to make the public to admire. Detective, PyoTr I officially on the throne of the king and copper with other brother and fathers Mother is Fyodor in 1689

. But In fact, all power is in Sa Hoang Pyotr.Then in 1696, Pyotr the Great Pyotr became the only Terrel in Russia when Fyodor's brother died. In 1721, he became the Emperor of the Russian Empire
On the most powerful man country, Peter Emperor conducted a series of economic reforms, government apparatus, established naval forces. . This famous Russian Emperor also has built many museums, libraries, printing workshops, surgical hospitals ... in many localities. As a result, Russia gradually became one of the most powerful empires in the world. In the number of great achievements of Peter the Great, faithful is that he established Saint Petersburg city. The famous Emperor of Russia has this decision when he realizes that most long-rich families live in or around Moscow.Peter the Great God wish to build a new city to the aristocracy It is possible to expand diplomatic relations and trade with Europe as well as create competition among rich cities that contribute to further economic development
So Peter Great Establishment of Saint Petersburg In 1703 in Ingria's swampy land (along the southern coast of the Finland Bay). After being established, Saint Petersburg attracted many people to do business to live in both traders and nobles. It also became a city with trade with many countries in Europe.Theo time, Saint Petersburg is one of the largest and richest cities in Russia. Therefore, the name of Peter the Great Baby was saved the list of books. The readers watched videos: tape city after snowstorms in Russia. Source: THDT.Tam Anh (According to Britannica)

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