Which Material Needs For A Happy Family?

Family is a warm nest with full love of parents, husband and children, children who are always interested in each other's emotional beats. But, to build an ideal family, filled with full family Happiness, it's not easy. It requires each person to know how to extend the heart capacity, leaving "I" narrow personal individuals, to really understand and love the other person like trading itself. According to Buddha, the material made So a happy family is a wife who must know the common water, love, respect for her husband; Always do the duties of the wife of the pattern, cleverly manage the family's assets; behave a level with someone in outsiders, living positively in five ethical things. Such a wife was privatized by Buddha who was a "goddess" in the family

. At the same time, her husband also needs to care about his wife; love, common water, respect; Assigning family management rights, raising children for his wife; Join his wife to practice compassionate mind, not killing the animals, the space to steal, not love flowers, do not deceive, stabbing, not addicted to addiction. The husband with such good qualities is also considered by the Buddha as a "Thien Nam" in the house. Not only that, the family is also a place to continue, maintain, promote good values and transmissions The precious mini that the ancestor, his father went first to build, thereby conveying the intrinsic generations
Pure beauty, the rattle of both they need to be cherished as an invaluable mannequal jewel, the high-pitched spirit, the glass above gave it down, sympathy sharing, love to wrap between each Family members together. Behind, the family is where everyone needs to inherit unconditional love, no one is left behind behind the back, especially when weak, sad. The other always has a feeling that this person supports it, and vice versa, this person is always empathy, supports difficulties. Even even when losing faith, life, desperately, they get more capacitance, forgiveness, encouragement of family members. A family cannot be called happiness, if Each of them only knows his own spirituality, "Those who do", ignore the suffering of the other person's pain, indifferent to the joy, the success of husband and wife and children. Because, in the coastal relationship, the happiness of the whole family must be built with the happiness of each person. It needs to be associated with special paint glue material of love, understanding, love, respect, sympathy, sympathy, sharing, forgiveness, ... more than anyone eliminates Clear yourself and understand the prosthetic points of our family
Like building a house, having a lack of items, what material, supplement, offset; Every time you need reinforcement, point of paint, it is very good and careful. Every day to let the mind take care of, cultivate the family, surely you will have a warm team as expected. SUPPORTING SUPPORTING, Vice Office of the Central Buddhist Guide Buddhism

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