Which Models Are Mg In Vietnamese Market?

MG, short for Morris Garages, is a long brand from him. In Vietnam, Mg is a rather new automotive brand.0: 00/3: 05 nammg motor dom is a car brand from the UK with nearly 100 years of development. However, since 2005, Saic Group (China) bought MG and put this car company became an exclusive brand, besides Maxus or Roewe.Ho in 2012, MG on Vietnam and CT Brothers Automobile Distribution

. However, after that, this brand did not float and forced to withdraw from our country. In 2020, MG intends to return to Vietnam, this time is distributed by Tanchong Motor. This is also a Nissan brand distribution enterprise in Vietnam
Mg HS and MG ZS have released Vietnamese visitors in July 2020, in which HS still imported China and ZS was transferred to Thailand. Here are the details of MG models and Mg car prices in Vietnam. ZSMG ZSMG ZS is located in the B rank SUV segment, where Hyundai Kona, Ford Ecosport and Honda HR-V. New models use 1.5L gasoline engines in Vietnam, with a capacity of 112 horsepower and reaching 150 nm of torque. Combined with this engine is the 4-speed automatic transmission and a front-drive system. MG ZS head in 2021, MG ZS 2021 is officially introduced to the upgraded version after only half a year in Vietnam. This upgrade, MG ZS is imported from Thailand, instead of China as before. At 1/3/2021, Tan Chong Distributor continues to update the MG ZS Smart Up Std completely new, lift Total version of MG ZS in Vietnam up to 3, provides additional options for customers. Currently, cars price MG ZS 2021 opens with 3 specific versions as follows: MG ZS Smart Up STD: 519,000
000mg zs 1.5 2wd com: 569 million zs 1.5 2wd Lux: 615,000,000 MG HSMG HS will confront Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tucson, Mazda CX-5 in the C-rank Crossover segment in Vietnam. For HS including 2 types of 1.5 Turbo automatic transmission 7-speed dual clutch and 2.0 Turbo automatic dual clutch gearbox helps car capacity and torque are 160/250 and 225/360 respectively .Xe mg hsms here, Mg Vietnam also adds new versions for the HS line is 1.5T Trophy with the 4-cylinder DOHC engine SGE 1.5L turbocharger to produce maximum capacity of 160 HP and torque 250 nm. Vehicle price MG HS 2021 has been changed on 1/3/2021, Specifically as follows: MG HS 2.0T AWD Trophy: 869,000.000mg HS 1.5T 2WD Trophy: 829,000.000mg HS 1.5T 2WD Sport: 719 million by Thu Ha, 12 hours ago

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