Which ‘shaken Husband’ Made The ‘dao Hoa’ Of Children Regretful Because Of The Right Person Wrong?

Funny children expressed 'just not together' when he saw this Korean goddess cooking with the chef who turned on the television show.0: 00/1: 25 nam nuoi nay here, on the personal page, The miraculous actor shared the moment into the kitchen with a Korean chef. It is worth mentioning that this chef also cooks with Lee Dong Wook - Kim Chi's actor that actresses admire. Funny 9x people who share these two images together with Caption: "Just not together" . Below she attached Hashtag: Dieu Nhi, Lee Dong Wook, My Husband (temporarily translated: My husband) caused fans to be laughed

. The children showed a picture of the chef Park Ji Hoon instructions for cooking. Also the chef who managed to guide male talents born in 1981. It was possible to see in many Korean talents that the children received "husbands" or "lover", Lee Dong Wook was the most admired
Action "Swing Idol" is not everyone who does this time make the actress more interesting. Fans commented under the article of Nhi Nhi: "The right person wrong point", "So it is called indirect touches," ... Previously, the actor Vu Quy was regularly sharing The "peak" collages to prove their tightness and Lee Dong Wook. Even if you look at the collage but the audience is still very happy because it is rare Vietnamese artists "muddy" showing his feelings with such idols. In addition to Lee Dong Wook, she also loves Lee Min Ho, G-Dragon, Hyun Bin ... his photo collage with Korean talent and accepts him to make his husband
The romantic moment of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin in landing where he was also miraculously crossed. Children had the opportunity to go to Korea and were cooked with Chef Park Ji Hoon when joining the program to eat and tell. Here she and Trinh Thang Binh are made "culinary angel", learning Korean dishes about sharing recipes for guests in Vietnam.Thanho FBNV

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