Which World’s Highest Waterfall Is Located In?

This is known as uninterrupted waterfall highest in the world with a height from top to toe nearly 1000 m.0: 00/2: This waterfall 57Nu nam1 domain name is what? IconIguazuiconVictoriaiconPlitviceiconAngelGiai like The correct answer: Waterfall Angel (Spanish: Salto Ángel, dialect: Kerepakupai Meru) in the highest natural waterfall that gioi.2 Angel Falls is located in which country? iconVenezuelaiconBraziliconCroatiaiconAustraliaGiai like the correct answer: Pouring down the cliff Auyantepui in Canaima national Park, in the state of Bolívar (Venezuela). Venezuela, officially known as the Republic Bolivariana of Venezuela, located in South America. The country borders Guyana to the east, Brazil to the south, west and Colombia in the Caribbean Sea in the north

. Venezuela about 916 thousand area km2. More than 32.5 million population, according to Angel Falls Worldometers
3 height from top to toe is how many meters? Icon679 micon779 micon879 micon979 like mGiai The correct answer: According Organization Guinness world record, altitude falls from top to toe is 979 meters from the water line from a height of 807 meters straight, the rest is a combination of rapids. Fact Monster emphasized that this page is a natural waterfall, uninterrupted high Angel Falls nhat.4 many times higher than the Empire State Building famous in America? Icon1,5 lanicon2,5 A lanicon3,5 lanicon3,5 like lanGiai correct: Angel Falls 2.5 times higher than the Empire State building and the famous in the United States 15 times the Niagara Falls at the border between the US and Canada.5 Angel waterfall was discovered in ...? The correct answer like icon1910icon1911icon1912icon1913Giai La Cruz discovered in 1912, but only the known world when American pilots flying over James Crawford Angel and incidentally discovered on 11/18/1933. Falls are named after pilot falls nay.6 starting a small tributary called what? IconTepuyiconWallamaniconGodafossiconSeljalandsfossGiai like The correct answer: waterfalls starting a small meandering creek runs through the rocks to the top place of called "Tepuy"
The water then flowing down through 738m before divided into smaller waterfall pouring down song.7 Angel is currently 1 of 28 wonders of the world's natural capital right or wrong? IconDungiconSaiGiai like The correct answer: Angel currently 1 in 28 wonders of the natural capital of the new world and is a world heritage site by UNESCO nhan.Ket nhé quaBan go harder! diemthuy Ha

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