White Gun Flowers

It was a July noon, the whole village sank it under the dazzling sun 38 degrees C. Thin light bamboo leaves of bamboo dust in front of the door, not a light vibration. I lay close to the fan, I didn't feel even cooler. Hot! Hot too! I went up, clams looked at the raincoat on the floor, and the hair was back because of the sweat of the brother, breathing out for an hour. I was holding the paper fan that went to the youngest guy, saw that turned around, softly told: 'Lie down a little off, go to school!'

. I was slightly, then drowned in the 11th grade triggery in my bag, lying back but didn't understand something that was motivated, I stood up and through the threshold I met it. T-shirts, shorts, short hair, black burns, acne-shaped face, stabbed me like a train carrier.0: 00/8: 17 nambloods of Minh Son - the middle of the sunny sunny Hey, where do you run here? - Just follow me! It pulls my hand, saying it
The gaze was bright, the smile was excited, it seemed to know what hot sunshine was. I looked up. The trees are quiet, not a wind without a cloud. I looked back: Mom, my sister and my brother were rolling back on the house. I rolled out of the raincoat. Hot and messy. But the burn burning outside made me hesitate. It fevered the book from my hand, tossing the wall to close to the wall and rolled me out of the house with the type of walk like its train. - You guess where I led you to go? I looked out at the white dust In front of them, reserved: - Not a multi-tree or a temple of affordable? Multi trees Mr. Net and the Temple of Palace is the two places I and it often goes to the largest village
The root tree has a dragon head. Several roots are busy from above to wrap each other like snakes, very spooky. The sunny dimensions we still climbed to the tree, picking up the ripe black and ripe berries, as cool as the alum sugar and then went down three, the gap down like a cave, grab the green throws and fake ghosts Leave the passerby people. Phi Phi Temple is interesting but also horrifying. There is always a cold tumor with the statue of the heads of the tops and the edge of the edge, the dust with the righes of gold and no one dares to eat because it is only for the gods in the gods temple. Smalls or out there play play. I don't understand why it always finds such a lots of torns to come on occasions like this. I sowed for a long time: - This sunshine has climbed a lottery without eating Losing, and the Temple of Africa, I have a banned for a banned to appear, from the day I have a snake with a snake. I am afraid of snake with centipede but today this place is much more interesting. I grumbled but still followed it. Sunny roasted face burns. Every step, it must bend the feet only to let the heels and the tips hit the ground, looking strangely. I went to slippers but looked like it was on its coal, I also felt the heat absorbed into the feet of the feet. It was about several hundred meters to the distance with small non-trees planted with alternating with Huong bushes demand from any remaining life. I guess where it takes me. That is the swamp. In the old days, the cooperative, people dug to make Uncle Ho fishponds but did not know due to any stage problems but left halfway. Now it is a wild dress. At the shore, in the winter, the water remained half a person, and the middle place, the mud was shallow. But in the summer, the rain is different. Around the water deep to the green, in the middle of the dress, it rises like an oasis, with a man who is a wild flower with a senior, from Dinh Lang, the grass to scratches to dozens of other unnamed grass flowers, cranky Theater and Chen between blue is the white color of the gun. It doesn't have a grass that can enemy with them. The white guns spread out like the butterfly wings that showed the scent that sincerely sobbed his heart. The fragrant fragrance of rural protein, cannot be mixed. The previous summer, I and it still broke out the white gun. There were two three summer days from the day she arrived at home to work at the house, it was less visited by me to play, and I'm busy with the learning also forget that it was the gun season. Shan of old figants grows right in deep water. Blue water in long run under large bamboo bushs made me calm all people. It climbed to the back of the fig tree and jumped into the water. Water shot up a white arch like silver, it loses in water. More than a second later, with the tangle of wet hair sticking to the head looks enlightened, it went out of the water, giving her face and stroked my face. - cool it! - Deep water! I looked at the clothes are Wearing on him then looked at his mud sticking hands hesitant. It clung to a dust of Huong Nhu then swinging the climb back to the figern tree as a monkey. From the so sitting arrogantly, it gave his eyes around me, from long hair tied neat to the skin's sandals I was walking and grimacing.

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