White Rice With Minced Meat That Combined In This Way Is To Ensure Excellent Delicious!

In this way, sisters will have a strange meal and do not have to wash a lot of bowls.0: 00/2: 01 Nouthern region of raw materials1. Pork grinding 300gr 2. Vegetable 1 onion, 1 carrot, 2 potatoes, 2-4 branches of green ones 3. Concentrated curry tablets 2 tablets 4

. Spices: salt, seasoning seeds, pepper , the diameter is the white rice with minced meat but processed in the way we suggest in this article, you will have the rice rice plate both delicious and strange, don't have to wash a lot of dishes. Curry ( Artwork) How to cook curry rice 1 Drafting raw materials Carrot shells and potatoes, cut into small square pieces and rinse. Particularly with potatoes, sisters wash several times with water so that potatoes finish plastic
You wash until there are no more opaque potato wash water. Potato into small square pieces like this. Leaves are washed and shredded. Onion peeled, washed over with water and cut pomegranate seeds. At onions into the form of pomegranate (curry coffee in a pan about 2 teaspoons of cooking oil, wait for old hot oil and pour the onions pomegranate Island is about 1 minute for ripe onion. Next, dropping the garbage and 300gr minced meat, stir-fried until the meat hints. Meat with onion and onion before. Next, you pour into the pot about 1.5-2 liters of water with carrots and potatoes West has shredred. Close the swing and turn the fire to the pot of water quickly boil
When you see boiling water, drop into the pot of 2 concentrated curries, stiring about 1 minute and closed, reducing medium fire and braised curry pot for 15 minutes. After dropping concentrated curry on the pot, sisters remember Stir about a minute for the curry to melt it and then stop the swing and braised curry pot! Because the concentrator curry has a full spice, before the seasoning, salt and sugar, sisters Remember to taste to know how to wedge the dish to suit your taste and the whole family! While waiting for om cooking a curry pot, you can take a boiled boiler to add a blue cauliflower plate to serve. Finally, rice rice out a deep plate and sprinkled the cooked curry around, a few pieces of blue cauliflot if there was a meal! The finished product! With this way, sisters have just had 1 meal Pick up, just wash many dishes. Cook dish with 1 pot, display dish with a disc. In short, it is only to wash 1 pot, a disc and 1 chopsticks - a spoon. For those who like to cook but lazy "post-stage" then try to try this curry rice dish.

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