Who Has Courage?

Spiegel Electronic Newspaper on July 13 with the author of author Nikolaus Blome on the theme of Covid-19 epidemic in Germany in the context of the next September will take place the Federal Parliament - New Federal Prime Minister will be elected .0: 00/4: 08 NAM NAM NAM NAM NANG VIETNAM Sincerely introduce you to read this article. At this point, Germany needs a suitable political leader to escape the number of infected people sick. Fortunately this is the time of the Federal Parliament election. From a few days now, the number of people infected with Covid in Germany increased, and with it was anxiety and frustration of the people

. What will this lead? Government and people react to this increase? Returned around the political circle, giving it sure and will still know safe destinations. Or is the Federal Federal Prime Minister candidate will show us another path of anti-epidemic during the election mobilization process? People lende to Test Covid-19 in Berlin, Germany, April 4/2021. Photo: THX / TTXVN for conservatives, their elections will be: Continue the old as done, with a new one when necessary
The old one here is the number of people infected with Covid. And then there was an unsuccessful test of this story. It was Portugal's paralysis into the virus variant area and with it as strict isolation regulations for people from this area again. Virtue. With this policy, it is hoped for at least reducing the spread of Delta virus, but 10 days later, this virus has also been popular in Germany. What do politicians do? They announced that Portugal was only a region with high infected people and easing regulations for people from that area to Germany. The people in the whole country were surprised, what the hell was, at this time, at that time! According to the usual logical thinking, the Federal Prime Minister knew something was wrong, but she kept silent to continue to prevent Covid epidemic with the old road, based on the number of people infected with the corresponding measures Meanwhile, the second path of anti-epidemic is increasingly clear, it is exit to determine the number of infected people. In fact, it is a breakthrough to a new world. The Winterfeldplatz in Berlin is absent when limited measures are applied to prevent the spread of the translation, January 2021 with this anti-epidemic There is no need to draw a regional map according to the number of people infected with different colors showing different levels of danger. Honestly, there is no need for plans to produce peaks according to stages like this level of infected people in bureaucracy that day, something out of society must be closed or Ever limited to personal contact, even blockade banned from home in a night
.. It took a year for the federal government and unified state to issue a plan according to this stage. This very color plan with the second anti-epidemic path will turn into a confusing paper. This new way, is important that the person is vaccinated, the table of data on infected people is no longer significant, by the child This number will reflect something different, like heavy cases, hospital overload and death number. In other words, the path out of the epidemic is vaccinated and vaccinated primarily for those who are the most affected. Of course, it is not as so much as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson from the beginning did not care much about the number of cases infection. After a week, he will remove all limitations issued, although the number of new cases in the UK is increasing. Maybe controversial, but the British Prime Minister has a reason to be a matter of issue, which is a basic water that has been vaccinated to be different from the country. Angela Merkel will change in this direction? Sure is not. But too sewing, because we also have 3 candidates of the prime minister of 3 parties, they can take different leaders when they are elected. In other words, they must show that they have the ability to lead. People are looking forward to three prime minister candidates on the following: - Who has courage in the process of mobilizing elections clearly for those who have not voluntary immunizations that the liberal life of millions of people have injected The strain will not be significantly affected by those who have not been vaccinated. - Who has courage to get out of Merkel's official 35 formula. This is a key number in Merkel's anti-epidemic policy, specifically, this is a limited number of infected people over 100,000 people within 1 week. Of course, doing so is not wrong in the past and can continue so in the future next to how to fight new epidemic.- And finally, anyone has the power and capacity to even when the index Up to 3 numbers still resist criticism to rise and ease people, including in the event of a new variation that endangers both young people and children. No prime minister candidates will be applied Force by these 3 questions, because they all want new thinking about its country and the future. And that touches a lot of fields. But the number one now must be anti-epidemic policy.

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