Who Is Really The Winner?

The winner is not a force of force to resolve conflicts that are people who have tolerance, quality.02: 00/3: 22 nounders of the new south is really the winner? The winner is not Users of force to resolve conflicts that are people with tolerance, weight. The story of the Buddha on a day tolerance, the Buddha has a lecture for all monks in Jeta Grove, Sravasti, an ancient city in India ancient times. He told them a story about the battle between Indra gods (Thunder gods) and Asura gods (also called evil gods). One day, Indra said to the king of Asura gods: - day Today we should not use blood and death to identify the victory

. Why don't we decide the winner by holding a debate? The king of Asura gods replied: - Okay, but who will stand out to win lost? Indra god said: - We are all are People with excellent wisdom and eloquence. Let the rests decide who will be the winner. - You said first! - The king of Asura gods looked at the god Indra
However, instead of speaking before, the humble Indra said: - I can say first, but because you're fun of the sky, you have the right to prioritize the priority . The king began to argue: - those who suffer from insults but do not react to fear, and boast that their tolerance will make him stand at a higher level than the other person The weakers of the Indra responded: - Although he is stupid and weak, but tolerance really gives us great benefits. Virtue tolerance is more valuable than all reputation and wealth in this world. Genocutrum of more valuable tolerance than all reputation and wealth in this world (Artwork) King of Asura gods continued : - Foolish people lacking intellectuals need to act properly. They are like lazy cows that need stronger cows to use horns to motivate. Therefore, the best way to control the idiot is to use the elephant. The Indra immediately refuters: - I think to control the stupidity, the ring is the best way. When faced with an provider, if a person can wait in peace and silence, their anger will naturally settle down. A person who does not have a hatred or Buddha is a saint or disciple of a saint. This is the type of person we should be close
A person with a very angry mind will meet high obstacles like the mountain. Other, if one can control his anger as soon as it arises, it's like using saddles to tame one Wild Horse, Life will always be aid the opportunities. The 2-party gods act as a judge for the debate that King Asura's argument is based on conflict and force, while Shen Indra Putting arguments with goodwill peace, using calm mind to resolve conflicts, do not show anger or malice. As a result, Indra is the winner. After telling the story, the Buddha told monks: "Indra gods are the winner because He always has tolerance and praise tolerance. Similarly, if you always use tolerance, weight to treat sentient beings, the main people are the last winner. " Angry does not solve the contradiction conflict with anger will not only make everything impossible to be beautiful but also create stress piling up for both sides. Anger is the moment we easily make the most misconceptions to regret all your life. Respect and respect of people around them. Do not use a whip, do not use force, just use the amount of weight. After all, people who have tolerance are the last winner. According to GDVN

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