Who Is The 18-year-old Young Man Flying Into The Universe With Jeff Bezos?

Oliver Daemen, 18, just graduated from high school, will repeat the mysterious character who won $ 28 million to fly into the billionaire universe Jeff Bezos ... 0:00 / 2: 40 namoliver domains Daemen - Photo: CNNtheo announcement of Blue Origin on July 15, who spent $ 28 million to buy flight rates on the edge of the universe and billionaire Jeff Bezos will not make an expected trip on July 20 .BLUE Origin said this person, currently requires its identity, must cancel the flight plan due to "scheduling conflicts" and will make another flight in the future

. This person in the flight on July 20 was Oliver Daemen, 18, just graduated from high school. "Daemen also participated in auction and won a spot on Blue Origin's second universe. We moved him on the first flight, "Blue Origin's spokesman told CNN
"We will not disclose the amount of money he paid. "Theo the close source of CNN, Daemen's father, Mr. Joes Daemen, who bought this flight for his son before this young man entered Utrecht University In the Netherlands this fall. Mr. Joes Daemen is the founder, CEO of Somerset Capital Partners - a Netherlands-based investment company.Daemen will fly with Jeff Bezos, Boss Blue Origin; Mark Bezos, Brother Jeff Bezos; and Ms. Wally Funk, 82 years old, female pilots participated in the astronauts training program "Mercury 13". Accordingly, Daemen will become the youngest person flying into the universe, and Ms. Funk is the oldest. This is the first flight with a crew on the universe tourist ship under the New Shepard orbit of Blue Origin
Last month, Blue Origin held a flight rate on this ship and The price of overdrawal is 28 million USD - higher than most forecasts. Blue Origin has donated the proceeds from the auction for his charity - Club for the F Uture, focusing on scientific and technological education support activities in children. Club for the Future then donated $ 19 million to many non-profit organizations about the universe. In most decades, Blue Origin made many successful trial flights of New Shepard ships but did not have a crew . Last month, the company said the ship was ready to fly with the crew and Jeff Bezos, the founder of Blue Origin in 2000, will make this first carrying flight. According to Blue Origin's website, yes Some regulations for flight participants, including over 18 years of age, good conditions to be able to climb 7 stairs of spacecraft for 1.5 minutes, height from 1.52 to 1, 95m, weighing from 50-101 kg. Passengers must also be able to tighten and remove seat belts within 15 seconds, in the cavity for 1 and a half in the closing conditions, and withstand accelerated force up to 5.5g during landing. Linh -

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