Who Is The Vietnamese Who The New Ford Ranger 2022?

Ford Ranger 2022 is the topic to be discussed intensely, even on groups of opponent cars due to designs in the new generation too bold and attractive 9: 00/3: 49 nam 00s / 04: 10 Being globally launched yesterday (November 24, 2021), Ford Ranger 2022 has quickly "caused storms" information fronts, from newspapers to social networks. The reason is due to the new generation, "the pickup king" in Vietnam has a comprehensive molting design from the exterior to the interior, impressing even if users own other pickups Must be Ranger.Ford Ranger 2022 which is the topic to be discussed intensely, even on the groups of opponent cars due to the design of the new generation too boldly. With such attractive beauty, the team The design behind the Ford Ranger 2022 design also receives a lot of attention. In particular, the chief design is a Vietnamese person: Mr

. Max Tran. It is known that he has nearly 16 years of sticking to the US automaker with the first place is trainees in 2004 after graduating from Monash University University (Australia). Next then, Max has 7 years working at the interior design department before becoming the head of the interior design department for 5 years and recently is the head of the design department (from 2019 so far)
As leadership, Max Tran is currently responsible for developing the design for global Ford cars and in the area. With such attractive beauty, the design team behind Ford Ranger 2022 also received much attention. In particular, the chief designer is a Vietnamese person: Mr. Max Tran.The Ford Ranger 2022, the appearance of the "pickup king" attracts the attention of many users thanks to the first part of the LED headlights The word "C" is similar to Ford Maverick or F-150. The grille is redoed and thicker than the old life, accompanied by quite athletic dual naves. Below, the fog lamp area also has a "C" symmetrical cavity with lights, a thick front bumper with silver protection. The car body of the Ford Ranger 2022 seller also changes Lightweight with the main mountain line is highlighted and remarkable, this is the first time this download model has a 20-inch la-zang (17 inches for low version), "Option" is also many Vietnamese guests Hope to appear on cars in Vietnam. The rear tail of Ford Ranger 2022 clogs with many bold tendon lines, LED taillights also have a new design.Fort Ranger 2022 caused overwhelmed with a large entertainment screen, up to 12 inches and correct vertical placement Type of electric vehicle movement today
Step inside, the Ford Ranger 2022 interior is overwhelmed by a large entertainment screen, up to 12 inches and placing the correct electric car movement today. Behind the steering wheel is a digital clock table (on a high version), the need to be further subtle, accompanied by other attractions such as Ford Sync 4, smartphone charger Wireless, 360-degree camera, automatic regulating, car adjustment via app on the phone (remote boot, car status check, lock / remote opening). Do not refresh in design In addition, the remarkable highlight at the upgrade to this new generation of Ford Ranger is the ability to operate. Under the bonnet will have the appearance of the Diesel V6 engine, turbocharged, 3.0L capacity similar to the large-sized sale sample F-150.Fod rural 2022 new use of V6 diesel engine, turbocharged, 3.0L capacity is similar to the F-150 large-sized sale sample, which also has the option of Ecoboost, 4-cylinder, 2.3L capacity and 2 2.3L engine options, single booster Or dual in the old life is still retained but according to the manufacturer, the oil flow has been resolved by designing better gaskets. Equipped with a gearbox is still a type of 6-speed or automatic number of 10 levels, comes with a 2-bridge drive system, including electronic demand system (Shift-on-the-Fly) and a full 4-wheel drive system time.

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