Who Is The Youngest Who Travel To The Universe With The Billionaire Jeff Bezos?

On July 15, Blue Origin Aerospace Company said, Oliver Daemen, 18, will participate in the crew of tourism flights in the first universe with billionaire Jeff Bezos.0: 00/1: 58 NAMOLIVER DAEMEN DEPARTMENT is considered the first youngest member to participate in the flight into the universe. He is a physical student, whose father is the director of an investment management company. This position was previously reserved for a person who spent $ 28 million in auction to participate in the flight, but due to not arranging time, this person canceled his flight.Oliver Daemen - The first youngest person flies into the universe and the billionaire Jeff Bezostong from Blue Origin said, Oliver Daemen will join the crew of four civilian members for the flight into the universe that is expected to take place on 20 / 7 to

. And Daemen became the company's first paying customer. Do so, with the addition of Oliver Daemen, the flight will include the oldest adult is the 82-year-old pilot, Wally Funk and the youngest are Daemen - 18 years old. Participating in flight with billionaire Jeff Bezos also has his brother Mark Bezos
Theo Blue Origin, Daemen is being trained to get a pilot and will attend Utrecht University in the Netherlands to study physics and Innovation Management in September. British father is Joes Daemen - CEO and founder of Somerset Capital Partners Investment Management Company. The company refuses to tell the amount that Oliver Daemen pays for flights This. In a press release, Blue Origin said: "Flying on the New Shepard spacecraft will fulfill Oliver's lifetime dream, who has been fascinated by space, moon and rocket since New 4 years old ". Jeff Bezos was" stuck "in the race with rivals as billionaires Richard Branson and Elon Musk when they sought to open the new era of commercial space travel in the du market The calendar that the Swiss Bank UBS is estimated to bring the amount of $ 3 billion a year in a decade. Before that, on July 11, Branson British billionaires participated in Ch Understanding under the first orbit on the Virgin Galactic spacecraft of his company from New Mexico Space Airport, USA.Phan Van Hoa (according to Reuters)

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