Who Is Touched When Listening To This Song May Not Be Young

Those who emotions when listening to 'love of the sea' of musician Cat Diem are probably young, this is a familiar song on the Voice of Vietnam from the 1980squa year of: 00/1: 34 male music "love Sea's love "Sand musician00: 00/06: 17 Likes of the sea - The music of Cat Thi musician is probably an unforgettable memory for a lot of people, especially with the familiar audience of the station Voice of Vietnam. The love of the sea is used as a music to the page, especially in the cultural programs. The Master of Cat Doi has shared about the situation of the sea's love in VOV electronic newspaper: "Back then, in 1978, Thong Nhat ship lines are restored, we on the ship with many artists stopping at Son Tra Peninsula overlooking Da Nang on the other side, the soil is green a great blue, and a tune tone. At that time On the train there are some singers who say it to put the Word, but it can't be a word because the melody has said it all. That day doesn't have a computer, I write straight with a pen, now looking back and writing Where to get there, later the gas orchestra for orchestras, musicians high Viet Bach commanded, with the participation of Hoang My, Hong Nhung blowing Flute very well

. Good music used as music to the page, especially in The cultural program ".ban sandy sand calls the love of the sea as" a song with life, and many people call me the love of the sea ". People in the generation 6x, 7x, 8x first time experienced Incidence of deprivation - When the TV is still rare and radio is a daily recreational means - very familiar with the melody of the sea
Every time I heard this song, the emotions, the old anniversary of the old days. Dinh Thinlinh Lan

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