Who Running Mazda Has A Logo On The Steering Wheel, Paying Attention To This

The symbol of Mazda car firm mounted on the steering wheel is capable of causing face injury for the driver.0: 00/0: 57 namtheo domains submitted to the National Highway National Highway Traffic Management Department, after For many years, Mazda recently admitted the logo mounted on the car steering wheel capable of causing safety risks.Mazda began to receive complaints about this issue since 2015. Accordingly, the location of the logo mounted Also places to install airbags. So when the airbag broke out to protect the driver in the case of stabbing, it also broke the symbol on it and caused the face injury to the driver

. But then the company said that the material creates a thin, lightweight logo Go to life. And then, the company has continuously considers this issue from manufacturing materials to the ability to aggressively until 2019.Mazda also concludes the injury from the same car logo with the airbag
Protecting the driver. However, when more and more incidents taking place, Mazda recently decided to call the vehicle with the symbolic cap on the steering wheel back to the replacement agent.

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