Who Was Not Sad When She Didn’t Accept His Wife: How Do Men Have To Stand Mother And Wife? Luan Luan: ‘i’m Not Sad When I Still Haven’t Accepted My Wife’

Male singer said that the mother-in-law with the bride cannot harmonize is a very normal story in the family life.0: 00/4: 23 nam is the man, when married, everyone wants to get a family Family, warm warmth. However, the mother-in-law-in-law and the conflict between the bride and their husband's family are also one of the causes affecting family happiness. At this time, the man needs to show a good role of the husband, the son of the family to contribute to neutralizing relationships. New, on Zing

.vn, singer Sy Luan shared about His living in the epidemic season. Because performances are canceled and cannot go to school, he spends full-time family. There was a daughter at the age of 40 causing the lives of male singer and songwriter to become more meaningful
The taxi song fostered, he saw himself changing a lot after going to his father. He is willing to do any housework, from cooking, cleaning and taking care of them. Sy Luan said that because he loved his wife, loving their children so he could do anything without shying. The happy family of singer Sy Luan. (NVCC) at home, he received his own and daughter over his wife. South singer said always closely in her eating and playing. His house was always a laughter since his daughter was born. However, the 40-year-old singer did not hide the non-sweet healing rice relationship between her husband and bride. He confided: "I have no reason to be sad when my mother and wife are not harmonious. I told me that my mother let me live my life
So I don't like it, don't let me do. I We think of my mother and don't be sad when I haven't accepted my wife. I think I should live comfortably, don't force my mother or anything they don't want. "Singer Sy Luan did not sad when she had not accepted his wife . (Photo NVCC) The RG LOOKE HAPPY EVERY SHARE, explains to connect the relationship between mother and wife but fails. Finally, he accepted to respect his opinion. What should the man do when standing between his wife and mother? Mother-in-law - the bride is a nanly story, thousands of years. The mother-in-law - the bride in harmony with each other is not easy. Many husbands often don't avoid confusion and wonder when they have to stand between their mother and wife. How to behave smartly, to reconcile conflicts between mother-in-law - the bride? So what is a good husband, what should a pyrocular son do? Listen more to understand the hearts of the two women First, you need to understand that the mother-in-law conflict - the bride is a contradiction. Yes at any family. Therefore, when the family is disagreeable, conflicting between her mother-in-law, the bride, the husband should not have a key attitude or contempt or important. You should gently listen to the story from both sides and then raise your own opinion. The mother is born, who has not been hard, difficult to produce and nurtish you. Mom is also the person with yourself the most when you need, care and worry about you. So, no matter what happened first to listen to understand her mother's heart. You and my wife also need to respect my mother because I have been older, I have experienced a lot of things that there should be a multidimensional and profound look. Mother, wife is an important second woman in your life . She agreed to marry and live with you also means she is willing to share and accompany you to overcome all difficulties in life. So, this woman also deserves to be respected and listened. (Artwork) does not push everything to so much that the common problem has a solution, it is important to rely on attitudes and behavior of each person. So, the husband should know how to control and resolve the conflict instead of adding oil to the fire. When before the small conflicts, please comment on the two sides so that both mother and wife solved. You should not interfere too deeply and push everything away. You need to reconcile the side so that both my mother and wife feel gently, avoid the memories, uncomfortable accumulation, accumulating this day over the other day. Neutral tone, do not accuse anyone do not defend AiKhi stood between the two important women of his life, the man should not use crude words, poison, negative with both or one of them. You should not criticize or accuse this person in front of the other person, don't blame and speak badly one of them. This is extremely important to help you resolve the conflict between the two. When I heard my mother complaining, blaming my wife, and you should not follow your wife and vice versa. The responsibility of the husband, the son is the direction of contradictory stories within control and resolving everything smoothly. You need to understand that your mother and wife will also have the shortcomings. Convincing my mother and wife sympathy, content for the other person. This is the way or her mother-in-law-in-law is mixed together. It is the way to manerate, ingenious in the behavior of the husband will help retain good air in the family, build a good mother-in-law life

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