Wholesale Hours, Sitting In Front Of The Computer Will Make Your Skin Old Age 10

Do you know the phone and the computer is insidious agents make your skin worsen it? 0: 00/2: Namco habits domain 17Nu seemingly harmless but is increasing the speed of skin aging ban.00 : 00/02: 49Duoi action this is obvious 9 that anyone ever met phai.1. NguKhi prone posture, your head must be turned to the side, leading to tense neck and shoulder muscles, and reduce the amount of blood pumped to the brain. Eye dark circles and swelling of the face as well as the consequences starting nay

.Tot habit, you should sleep on their backs, sometimes lying posture change. You need to buy silk pillow soft cloth to avoid damage to the skin caused sticky rub nhan.2
Without glasses ramVung very thin skin around the eyes, it will be prone to wrinkles if encountered strong light. You should wear sunglasses even on dong.3 season. UongNeu eating habits you chew food aside, it would lead to an asymmetry of the face. Inside engine operation will be firmer, the rest will gradually weak di.xem more: What mistakes do you make up as old age of 10, making lovers running away dep4. Talking on phone power tongs used thoaiThoi between ear and shoulder will cause wrinkles in your neck and cheeks. Ideally, you should wear a headset or external speakers when the power turned on thoai.5. Use your tablet or smartphone minhNeu you tend to bow when using the smart technology products, please correct this habit
It would strain his neck, causing edema eyes and wrinkles in co.6. Hands in front of the computer camKhi or reading, many people have a habit of leaning his chin on his hand. This position is easy to make the skin loses elasticity and leads to sticky nhan.7. Forehead wrinkles, frown mayKhi unhappy about something, we will have frustrated expressions include: eyebrows frowned, pursed his lips and facial muscles so cang.Nhung time you imagine your ears are moving ring back (just imagine, not really touch them) .Tuy this tip seems very strange, but it can help you relax facial muscles fast chong.8. Hot bath too hot lauNuoc great for relaxing but if you shower too long, the skin will be dry, leading to peeling. You should only bath with warm water before the shower can switch to water temperatures cool to not be shocked out of the room when tam.9. HoaTat used to know when we are all conditioned on the humidity in the room will gradually sucked off, your skin condition vay.Giai also legal for you is limited possible use conditioner and use thick moisturizer a little while to turn on the air conditioner.

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