Why Are 18 Gold Plated Water In The Forbidden To A Knife?

Inside forbidden into Beijing, China has more than 300 countries. They are cast from iron, copper or gold plated. Among them, 18 gold plated with a razor stain. Why is it? Forbidden city or also call Beijing supply is the palace of the culprit and the bar in China history. Built in 1406 and completed in 1424, this dangerous palace has an area of 720,000 m2

. With a large size, inside the penalty of the city have 9,999 rooms. Through many centuries that exist, tried to become the largest architectural architectural complex and most complete conservation in the world. Each year, millions of domestic and foreign tourists visit Beautiful, unique architecture as well as exploring the history of the forbidden city
In this number, many people who go to the forbidden to spend a lot of attention to the large water layouts scattered at the main halls leading to pitches . They were curiously placing these countries to decorate or do. According to experts, inside the penalty of the city had all 308 countries. They are made with large sizes and crafted from metal such as iron and copper. Even some water is also gilded. In this number, the water is equal to the dharma. The rest are built in the time of the bar. Each a dynasty for creating different types of water and decoration. While the water is made under the time the mandarin has a simple design with the sides of the two sides, the Qing dynasty changes that detail with the animal face decoration. Experts or the old people arranged Hundreds of water scattered in the campus of the penalty of the city are to store water when a fire occurs
In feudal and fire often occur. Therefore, these countries are always filled with water so that when the fire occurs promptly extinguish the fire. In winter, water can be frozen so the bottom is made from iron to burn the bottom burning fire. As a result, water will always maintain in liquid state. It's note, out of 308 of the water forbidden into the city, with 18 gold plated with deep razors. The reason is because in the 1900s, the eight-country coinition to banned the penalty. The thieves want to take away the gold-plated copper in the main electricity but because it was too heavy, it was impossible to take away, these guys then used a razor of gold-plated gold layer to sabotage. Therefore, today, when visitors to visit will see a lot of knives on these gold-plated water. Leave, the role of pools of water in the penalty of the city is extremely important. Women's bows, Thai Giam in charge filled with water into the jars to be able to use promptly when "Ms. fire" raged in the palace in the forbidden city. Viewing Video: Two Chinese people locked the Tong Money in Da Nang, arrested in Hau Giang. Source: TenT1. English (TH)

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