Why Are Chelsea Ranked On Liverpool Whether Points And Identical Differences?

Chelsea and Liverpool are having an impressive string in the Premier League this year with 4 victories and 1 draw, with 13 points, equal to the difference but the team into London topped the chart. 1, Liverpool has a perfect momentum when it is easy to win the new rival to Norwich City 3-0 despite being a guest. Meanwhile, Chelsea with strong generals also Thi Uy by crushing Crystal Palace with the same score.Sang came to round 2, the port city team continued to pocket the score when she had to meet the following team Burley. Diogo Jota and Sadio Mane are the first steps in the 18th and 69 minutes to bring a gentle 2-0 victory

. Don't bear the edge, Chelsea with the quality supplement named Romelu Lukaku has made Arsenal dated Performing competitions are equal to similar results. The Belgian rookie directly opened the scoring for The Blues in the 15th minute and Reece James who ended the gunner.Chelsea has the same point and the secondary index is livepool but ranked on thanks to
.. the alphabet. Photo: CGI. Strange coincupplator of these two teams continues not only two rounds that last until the last 5. Liverpool continues to extend the unbeaten battle with 2 3-0 victory over Leeds United and Crystal Palace. Meanwhile, Chelsea also did the same thing with the opponent Aston Villa and Tottenham last week. Especially more in place, they all think that both will have the opportunity to drive rankings when directly confronting each other Round 3, but the side continues to balance the effort when happening 1-1 after 90 minutes of drama. With 5 matches with identical ratios, fans feel that questions, do not know who is the team is ranked on the rankings. According to public results, Chelsea is the team standing at No
1 While Liverpool ranked 2. This was explained by the Premier League Organizing Committee under the C.7 law stipulating in the event that the two teams have the same score, with the goal of the goal, both are considered the same position On the rankings. But Chelsea was ranked on by the organizers based on the alphabet order (C-Chelsea to L-Liverpool before). Chelsea and Liverpool after five were identical in achievement. Photo: CGI. However, this Premier League regulation is not applied throughout the season. Because in the event of the end of the season, the two teams still have identical scores and differences, the C.7 law is no longer valid. Instead, the Law C.17 is applied, the ranking of the parties will be identified based on the composition of confrontation. C.17.1 specifies that the team accumulates more points in the The match against each other will be ranked on the remaining team. Assuming if the Law C.17.1 does not comprise the ranking, the Law C.17.2 will take into account the number of goals scored on the away field of both teams. Huu than when both rules C.17.1 and C .17.2 Still unable to decide which team ranked above, both teams will kick a play off the rankings and will be held on the neutral field.

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