Why Are Haiti Often Suffering From Terrible Destruction Earthquakes?

While the rescue force is still looking for people who survived the earthquake on August 14, experts explained why Haiti suffered horrified earthquakes for centuries and why They often have such a terrible destruction cost. In: 00/5: 10 South women A woman stood in front of the house was destroyed after the earthquake in Les Cayes, Haiti, on August 14. Photo: Aptheo AP News (USA), on August 14, the horrifying earthquake happened in Haiti to kill thousands of people. The destruction occurred only 11 years after the horrific earthquake robbed the lives of tens of thousands of people in the Caribbean region. About 100,000 buildings were destroyed in the 2010 earthquake

. Do Haiti suffered many earthquake earthquakes made up of constantly moving tectors. Haiti has a geographical position near the intersection of North American and Caribbean tectonic places. Many fractures between these tectonic places cut through or near Hispaniola island, Haiti's common territory with the Dominican Republic
But the worse thing, not all fractures works similarly. The Rich Briggs, a research geologist at the Geological Risk Science Center of the US Geological Survey Agency (USGS) said: "Hispaniola Island is located in a position where tectonic segments transition from bucket together to slide through each other. This position is like a rock stuck in the glass sliding door. The door cannot move smoothly because there are too many different forces affecting it ". Northern American and Caribe tectonic places. Photo: Aptheo USGS, a strong earthquake 7.2 degrees on August 14 is likely to occur along Enriquillo-Plantain Garden, interrupt Tiburon peninsula in the southwest of Haiti. This is also the fault area that causes a horrific earthquake in 2010. Experts have the possibility that it is also the source of three other large earthquakes in Haiti from 1751 to 1860, two of them Has caused heavy consequences in Port-au-prince.gavin Hayes, senior scientific advisor on geological and earthquake hazards in Usgs said the earthquake is a consequence when the tectonic segment slowly Move touching each other and creates friction over time
"That friction accumulates, gradually increasing and eventually causing great pressure. It was when the fracture sudden movement made a earthquake, "Mr. Hayes explained. The aerial shooting of Le Manguier Hotel was destroyed by the earthquake in Les Cayes, Haiti on July 14. Photo: AP earthquake in Haiti often has terrible destruction of experts explaining that the earthquake in Haiti often has heavy destruction due to the combination of many factors, including this is a regular area Shocking, high population density with 11 million people and buildings is usually only designed to fight tsunami instead of earthquakes. Concrete buildings and typical concrete blocks can withstand strong winds But it is easily damaged or crashed when the ground shakes. Poor construction techniques can also lead to large losses. Rubble house after the earthquake in Les Cayes, Haiti, on August 14. Photo: AP earthquake in 2010 Attack near densely populated Port-au-prince city and causes heavy consequences on a large scale. The Haitian government estimates the number of people killing more than 300,000 people. Meanwhile, a report announced by the US government that the number can be up to about 46,000 to 85,000 people.Wendy Bohon, the geological house of the seismic research organization said: "I think it is important Is to realize that there is nothing called natural disasters. It is a natural risk overlapping a system that has been very vulnerable. "The future disaster newspaper has concentrated outside Petit Pas, which has just been destroyed by the earthquake in Les Cayes, Haiti . Photo: AP geologists said they could not predict the next earthquake. However, USGS's Hayes expert said: "We know that these earthquakes can cause similar scale earthquakes in the next area of fault. It is a big hazard in places where there are no construction standards that can withstand vibration ". In that time, the construction of additional water resistance works is still a challenge in Haiti, Quoc The poorest in the Western Hemisphere. Before the earthquake last weekend, Haiti was still overly recovering after the 2010 earthquake as well as the storm Matthew in 2016. This horrified natural disaster happened at the time of Haiti Expering a serious political - socio-economic instability, after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise just over a month ago. A woman burst into tears when looking for missing people in a house Destroyed by the earthquake on August 14. Photo: Apmark Schuller, Professor of anthropology of a non-profit organization at Northern Illinois University (USA) said, although Haiti successfully built a number of anti-earthquake works, but the country was still not yet Focusing on that. "Haiti has many good architects and planners to be trained. But

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