Why Are The Pharaoh Ancient Egypt Stop Building Pyramids?

In more than one millennium, Egyptian Pharaoh has built pyramids and is often buried in massive monuments. The pyramids show the power, the wealth of the Pharaoh and promote their religious beliefs. So why did the ancient Egyptians stop building the pyramid right after the new kingdom began? Security issue, the grave is one of the concerns that make the pharaoh through the pyramid of the pyramid the Egyptian Pharaoh has built Building the pyramids from King Djoser (RESOURCES 2630 to 2611 BC) - who built a ladder pyramid in Saqqara, until King Ahmose I (reign 1550 to 1525 BC) - people Building the last royal pyramid in Abydos. In ancient Egypt, building the pyramid seems to begin to decline after Ahmose's reign. Instead, the Pharaoh is buried in the Valley of the kings near the ancient Egyptian Capital of the besbes, today is Luxor today

. The royal grave is mostly confirmed in the valley built by Thutmose i (Retreat 1504 to 1492 BC). His predecessor was Amenhotep I (Renew by 1525 to 1504 BC) may have built his tomb in the Valley of the kings, although this is a controversial issue among home Update. Why now stop? So far, there are no many evidence clearly showing that, why the Pharaoh stops building the Royal Pyramid, but the security concerns can be a factor
"Even before giving up the pyramids for the kings, they stopped booking the burial room under the pyramid. The pyramid of the last king - of Ahmose I, in Abydos - there is a buried room It is 0.5 km away, behind the pyramid, deeper in the desert, "Aidan Dodson, Egyptian professor at the University of Bristol, said. A history record can hold clues Importantly written by a person named Ineni, who is in charge of building Thitmose I tomb in the Valley of the kings. Ineni wrote that "I supervised the excavation of the grave on the cliff - no one saw, no one heard." "This note clearly shows that the secret is a big consideration problem," Ann Macy Roth, professor of art history and research on Hebrew and Jewish at New York University, said. The natural terrain of the Valley of the kings can explain why it rises like A favorite place for the Royal Tombs. It has an existing vertex called El-Qurn, which looks a bit like a pyramid in a way that all the royal tombs built in the valley are placed under the pyramids. The Valid. Pharaoh may have chosen buried in the valley of the kings so their tombs are better hidden from the grave thieves
For Egyptian Pharaoh, the pyramid is very important because it is the place "Ascension and transformation" to the other world, Mark Lehner, Director and Chairman of the Ancient Egyptian Research Association, wrote In the book "Complete Pyramids: Answers Ancient Mystery" Topography of Luxor, where the capital of Egypt in the United Kingdom (1550 to 1070 BC) can also play one The role in the degradation of the construction of the pyramid. In other words, the ancient capital may be too small and not enough to challenge the architecture to build new pyramids. Religious changes emphasize the construction of underground tombs can be one Other reasons make Egyptians leave large pyramids. During the New Kingdom, the concept of King's night journey through Netherworld has become extremely popular, and this requires complex plans about graves buried underground. Underground tombs were built into a valley of kings very suitable for this concept. In the Pharaohs stop building the pyramid, the wealthy private still continues this. For example, a 3,300-year-old tomb in Abydos, built for a person named Horemheb, has a 7 m high pyramid at the entrance, archaeologists have announced in 2014.In the millennium First BC, the construction of pyramids also became popular in Nubia, an area including today's sudan and part of the South Egypt. Nuubs have built the pyramids for Both royal and personal. Lehner noted in his book that many other pyramids were built for individuals. Nubia rulers continued to build the pyramids until about 1,700 years ago. Thutheo Live Science

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