‘why’ Beauty: 10 Minutes Makeup To Pretty Like ‘miss Kpop’ Jisoo

Jisoo's beauty - Blackpink group member inspired many girls. Everyone wishes to get white skin like dew and natural makeup techniques.0: 00/3: 40 nam namleading into Jisoo's Makeup style, can see her worshiping K-Beauty. Even ahead of Covid-19 pandemic, the simplicity of K-Beauty has been noticed on social networks. For nearly 2 years, everyone has to wear a mask

. Therefore, some expert's sophisticated makeup techniques become nonsense. The most amazing thing about the K-Beauty makeup type that Jisoo often applies to itself is that it is simple to achieve efficiency. In 10 minutes
Jisoo worshiping K-Beauty.Jisoo makeup style: carefully careful skin care before makeup first, absolutely not makeup - it is skin care. A perfect skin is essential for K-Beauty. The most important thing is that you have to take good skin care, use the products with the appropriate ingredients to get a healthy skin, enough water and in a youngerice. Remember that skin care is extremely important, Need to try and false many times to find the most suitable formula. Try to build a habit of including soft cleanser, moisturizing serum and sunscreen or good moisturizer containing SPF for the whole day. After you clean the skin, apply the serum, then apply the cream Moisturizing or SPF sunscreen immediately, don't wait until your skin feels dry after washing your face or between steps.Jisoo owns smooth, healthy white skin. Also, to keep your skin Healthy, use oil or kerosene remover products to clean in the evening, then cleanser, serum and night moisturizer. A type of toner with AHA / BHA / phase to use between cleanser and serum is also not harmful to the skin
Pay attention to the appearance and feel of the skin to have a suitable reaction. The thin background is like the coverage of the cover is definitely not the outstanding feature of K-Beauty makeup style. Instead, you should use as little as possible to do all your skin. Depending on your skin condition that day, a colored moisturizer can be all you need. If you have to use concealer or background ice cream, just use it on areas You need, instead of all over your face and apply it so that it melts seamlessly into your skin. It is important to look as if you don't make a makeup at the same time. The product "two in one" K-Beauty is built on minimalist beauty, nature with the sophistication of women, because So you can get rid of not using many products. Instead of trying to improve the smoke eyelid or eye, try using any kind of pink cheeks to make eyeshadow. Monochrome colors can cause the overall face to be sweet, fresh. Put and canopy pink cheeks on the cheek, then press the same product on the eyelids and canopy the edges. If your skin is dry type, you can even use ice cream products instead of powder to add bright skin. To create sharpness for eyes, apply a dark brown ball or lead layer along the border Mi on, covering a little chalk to keep you not to get lem. Or, if you like easier eyeliner, just remember to keep thin lines and exquisite wings. "Lock" Makeup layer on hot days, it's hard to keep the makeup on the face even if you are, Especially if you are in a wet climate. To keep the beautiful K-Beauty beauty without flowing out of the face, use a powder that creates a smooth, transparent block. Try using a smaller, smoother brush like a pink brush instead of Brush the big powder to better control the amount of products and the location you apply. To ensure all are maintained, spray the dew on your entire face with a shaped spray. The slim and light makeup layout creates a beautiful beauty. Click on the last steps, apply one Several layers of lip balm have color to moisturize your lips. For brighter colors, you can use your favorite lipstick-colored finger on your lips or right away in the middle of your lips and canopy to create Ombre effects, then cover a transparent lip gloss or lipstick . See more videos are interested:

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