‘why’ Beauty: At Home Against Epidemic Is Also Pretty Like Hot Girl Salim

Mature at the same time with Chi Pu, Quynh Anh Shyn, now, not only a hot girl, Salim is also a television actor and a prominent fashionista in the Vietnamese showbiz.0: 00/2: 43 nam-southern region Back here, Salim's beauty has many changes, she becomes charming, personality, sexy and more modern. The change of image helps Salim get a lot of consensus from fans. Every share of her skin care or costume consultants allocated attention.Salim is increasingly beautifulSalim "Turn on" the moisturizing steps for mixed skinsalim skin said, how she keeps her skin always stretching Without pouring oil in the hot days is to use a variety of toners

. "The first is alcoholic toner to clean deep, then flap 2 to 3 moisturizing toner classes. Such it will help the skin granted and also Make the serum permeating faster. For me, this step is to have enough moisture, so I rarely use moisturizer, "Salim said
Moisturizing in multi-layer toner likes to not supplement the cream layer" lock Moisture, "Salim thinks that when applying the serum, the new country is the thing of evaporation, and the nutrients in the serum will penetrate the skin. Beautiful people like to make a mask in the morning. Previously, she put the mask in the refrigerator. "Finished embankment seeing the province. This secret also helps the makeup layer smoother. The days feel tired, I often apply masks in the evening to relax skin," Salim shares.Salim Likes to cover the marinated mask Salim is a believer of her foaming cleanser, this product line helps the skin clean deep. However, if it doesn't create a cotton and smooth foam, it will cause the skin to dry. Salim has its own tips on how to produce foaming: - 1 way is to create foam by hand: for a little cleanser into the palm. Then add a little water into, use the finger tip to hit the circle until the foam was created a lot
Can add water and continue to hit the cotton until it feels enough. - way 2 is to use foaming mesh: for cleanser on the mesh to foam and give a little water on the grid, slightly rubbed 20 seconds is possible Use.- The 3 way is to use a foaming cup: like 2, salim for a sufficient amount of cleanser into a foaming cup. Next, add a marked amount of water marked in the cup, covering the lid and gently pulling the cylinder around 10 seconds. Salim said, after the foaming step, she usually massage her face so gently. Use foaming cleanser to clean up your face to make a gentle makeup steps for the day "Work From Home" Salim said, whether working in House, she still likes her appearance to be true and beautiful. The product she uses for simple makeup steps at home only has sunscreen, eye-shaped cream, lead eyebrow, grooming, lipstick and highlights are pink cheeks.Salim specially like the style of makeup pink. She said that blushing on her cheek made the overall face, radiantly. Finally, letting a home working day is very efficient and energetic, Salim chose to give me a costume to spend a long time in the cabinet without the opportunity to wear. See more videos are of interest:

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