‘why’ Beauty: Female Main Movie ’50 Shades’ And Scent Creation Tactics

In Hollywood, Dakota Johnson is a beautiful and real actor. However, her name is only known by the public when the movie '50 shades' causes ... storms throughout the cinema

.0: 00/2: 54 namdakota Johnson born in 1989Sau, Dakota Johnson Become a representative face for Brand Gucci Bloom. It can be said that her beauty raised incense at a popular level. Ask as much before the public, Dakota pays more attention to the care of his appearance
The sharing of Huongdakota has tips and basic skin care habits. In particular, she valued her eyes and had a "scent" featured for his own. Dakota once shared with Glamor that she washed her face in the morning and evening, applying moisturizing creams to be part of her daily routine. Before going out, she always remembers applying sunscreen. "I am a nice packaging person, so I bought a lot of cosmetics but eventually don't use any product. I just like to watch us", Dakota said. Reality, actress often avoids makeup when not filming or participating in the event. The free days must go out with friends, she only uses a little concealer, concealer and sharpen mascara. Interesting is that Dakota often applies some beauty tips of her people who have passed on I, Tippi Hedren (also an actor). Dakota's grandmother advised her to look down whenever she wanted to sharpen Mascara
That way, she will get the best coverage from MI root to Mi.Seu Dakota Johnson's mind to have bright eyes? Dakota admits itself as a "fans" of eye drops. She used regularly and many times a day. "Really, I addicted to eye drops. I just like the feeling it's in my eyes, it's pleasant!", She said only to use a kind of perfume Hobbies for perfumes, Dakota said: "I always use perfume because I like to leave the scent in the places where I passed. I like the natural flower rather than a musk. Now I am using a Perfume with very close, familiar fragrance. My mother also only used a perfume throughout life, and I would like that. ". Susie's shoulder, a ballet dancer, in Suspiria, I practiced for about 6 months with the Belgian French choreographer Damien Jalet. Previously, I was passionate about dancing and pursued this subject until 16 years old At a center in Los Angeles. I feel great when muscles are active again. I rehearsid 6 or 8 hours a day before shooting, then continuing with 2 hours of rehearsal while shooting. NS Is the most experienced in my career. I learned that if I tried my best, I could do everything with my body ".Dakota Johnson ever wants to delete a few tattoses Johnson regret what? The main female 50 shades have wish she can Delete a few tattoos on the body. But she also admitted that she still wanted to continue tattooing, which made her feel really ... Bluish. Even sometimes, Dakota also cut her hair. She acknowledged : "I have never seen regret about cutting your hair yourself, even if I'm a little ... too hand makes your bangs look slightly". See more videos are of interest:

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