Why ‘blood Bone Coin’: Rights Linh Vu Chieu, Truong Ngoc Anh, Chi Bao Cheated Marriage

After 23 years, the film cast has a successful career. However, the marriage life of each person has a different turn. The blonde currency film waves in the first 1998. At the time of broadcasting, the film has a big echo. The film also became "launcher", bringing the name of the cast

... comes closer to the audience
Two actors Lam come and Anh Hoa (the role of Lan Anh's parents), in turn died in 2000 and 2020. Meanwhile Truong Ngoc Anh, Quyen Linh, Chi Bao and Cat Tuong have separate falls in career And private life. Ngoc AnhRuong Ngoc Anh assumed the role of Lan Anh, a personality and bravery girl. Lan Anh is ready to give up rich lives to run the call of love with poor engineers, talented but passionate about alcohol is Huy (Linh rights). After years of trying, her couple also has a stable career. Pearls and spirituality in the film. After blood bone coins, Truong Ngoc Anh continues to mark in a series like Ha Dong, Ngoc Far East ... In 2014, she impressed when tried as an actor and cinematic film manufacturer
The film received many compliments from experts and gained revenue of more than VND 70 billion. Besides the acting career, the actress was quite successful in the field of business. In addition, Truong Ngoc Anh also tried Strong as a hosting role for fashion and modeling programs such as Project Runway Vietnam 2014, Vietnam's Next Top Model 2017.Truong Ngoc Anh is still beautiful young at age 45.Soner admirable career but the love story Truong Ngoc Anh was not very smooth. The actress used to have a happy marriage with Tran Bao Son but farewell to 2014 in the regret of fans. After divorce, Truong Ngoc Anh and Bao Son still kept a civilized relationship, spending time to care for Bao Tien daughter. After ending the love affair with Bao Son actor, Truong Ngoc Anh appeals to appointment Dating with Kim Ly - Her Huong Ga Movie. However, the love also quickly ended. The actress decided to spend the entire time to take care of his career and daughter. February 4th21, Truong Ngoc Anh was surprised when publicly dating an actor Mr. Dung, who was 14 years old. However, the couple did not have much difference in appearance and received many congratulations from the public. Linh in the cast of the movie of that moment, the spirit is a face that has a name and is loved Time to Ly Hung, Diem Huong. However, the role in the blood bone currency is the turning point in the career of the spiritual rights. This role has helped the Rights Linh received the "most loved actor" of the television studio of Ho Chi Minh City, Mai Vang, the "Best Drama Actor of the Year" .After the movie , you are more expensive than starting to be in the role of MC in the television programs like surpassing yourself, you want to date, singer hidden face ... It's too busy with MC and public work Social acts should longevity, but the spirit is no longer filming. The sister welcomed together two lovely daughters, admired by many people who kissed multipliers. People often ask: Does love need to be as beautiful? Meals with simple dishes together is more amazing than all cosmetics. The moments together, smiling because People still have more precious peace than any other affordable moment ... and the two of our princesses will always be happy wedge particles in their families ... thanks "Solid post" of He returned to all, always holding hands without leaving ".chi said blood bone, actor played the full shoulder, Lan Anh's brother (Truong Ngoc Anh closed). After the film, Chi Bao continued to participate in the films: Luc Van Tien, ugly girl, bent ... After that, he gradually retreated from the screen and redirected the business. Married in 1990 but divorced. After that, he founded the second family and had a son of Cat, 17 years old. However, the marriage also broke in 2012.The month 3/2021, Chi Bao remarried the beauty of Ly Thuy Chang, her 16-year-old poor. Thuy Chang has a good relationship with his ex-wife and son of Chi Bao. In May 5/2021, the actor was surprised when the rapid announcement to focus on its own plans. Walls in the film, sand walls on the shoulder of nest, a lechblic girl girl and many tricks. The character of the wall was so successful that the audience was extremely hated and then made a framed actress "evil female" on the screen. The wall filming the 'blood bone' when 19 years old. At the peak of career, Cat Tuong suddenly married an overseas Vietnamese and turned the business direction. But this marriage soon broken when her husband left abroad at the new actress si

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