Why Brush Daily Tooths But Still Yellow?

Do you brush your teeth often but teeth still stain yellow, reclining? The reason is why and how to remedy.0: 00/2: 39 namthes of the people, causing the teeth of human yellowing of people with ivory colors, but there are many different levels of natural colors gray color. Also eyeshady or hair color is partially decided by adn.tuyen yellowish teeth, dull color can be due to bad habits like: taking care of oral is not right Get used to eating unhealthy, smoking, .

.. Frequent brushing is not enough. You need to brush your teeth from outside, choose toothpaste with flour to clean and light tooth, do not abuse acidic mouths because it will harm the tooth enamel
The foods are dark like coffee, Tea, soy sauce can make colored teeth without cleaning after eating. Snacks, eating sweets that do not brush their teeth can cause teeth to be deep and bad. Can many sour things can also make teeth abrasive, causing yellow teeth, dull color. Acid, additives, ... also weaken the teeth enamel, cause tooth decay, color tooth deterioration. Another habit harmful tooth enamel is smoking. The smoker will have to live with the yellow teeth very lost Beauty. When smoking long, the cigarette plastic will combine with the thin film on the teeth making daring with color
5 ways to help white teeth even at home1. The shell is natural to whiten the teeth to use banana peels. Rub the banana peel to the teeth in about 1 minute, twice a day. The nature of the substance in bananas such as potassium, manganese and magnesium are absorbed into your teeth, helping white and healthy teeth. Orange also works to whiten amazing teeth. Fresh Western strawberries are also raw materials that help whiten teeth. Take one or two strawberries, crushing small, applying to teeth for 2-3 minutes. After that, gargle carefully or brush your teeth. Western is a natural enzyme source of natural enzymes named Laoxit Malic to help whiten teeth. Fiber in strawberries actracted as a natural substance to remove bacteria, especially, from the mouth and teeth. Carrot carrots live very beneficial to remove the plaque on the teeth and also known as natural cleaning agent. Carrot also killed bacteria, helps healthier gums and white teeth. Carrots, apples and celery are also considered to be important whitening ingredients, which help prevent gums, gums and pepper Animal killing bacteria.4. Putting tobacco will bring you not only the health benefits but also aesthetic. Tobacco makes teeth stain, dull color and also lead to other dangerous bases. So if you want white teeth, quit today.5. Using absorber or too cold drinks will not be good for teeth. Drinking hot or cold drinks with a straw will reduce the direct contact between teeth with drinks. According to Hoang Nguyen / New family

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