Why Brush Your Teeth Right After Breakfast?

Brushing the teeth right after breakfast to keep the breath of aromatic sounds seem reasonable but the dentists say this can damage your teeth, as well as take away the white of the teeth.0: 00/2: 09 nuns of food and drinks can weaken your enamel layer, endanger to brush your teeth right after meals. In fact, brush your teeth in minutes after any meal is a bad idea, Richard Marques dentist, belonging to Harley Street (British) Famous Clinic. "The yeast covered the teeth temporarily weakened after eating due to acids in food, so if he brushed the teeth right after eating, you risk ruining it". Food and drinks have a lot of abrasive acids The enamel layer protects your teeth, which makes them more likely to stain and open the door to the bacteria that cause tooth decay

. Marques said: "Teeth are very important because it is one of the protection fences Teeth of the body. It cannot be recovered once it was hurt so it is important to take care of it. "So, when should you brush your teeth, if not right after eating?" It was a long debate , but my expert advice is that you brush your teeth before or after eating is not really important
It is important that the interval between activities, "Dr. Marques said." You should wait at least 30 minutes after eating and then brushing your teeth, or at least 10 minutes before eating to ensure the active ingredients In toothpaste with the opportunity to perform their work is to protect the teeth and that time will also help the teeth more stiffer. "How to brush your teeth after eating, you can just rinse your mouth with water to type Remitting food clinging on teeth. Many dentists also offer similar warning on the Tiktok social networking platform. In a video spread on Tiktok, Anna Peterson dentist, from Essex (England), said: "When you eat breakfast, your mouth Acidic. Therefore, brushing teeth right after breakfast is to increase the process of bringing acid into teeth and will wear yeast ".ola, a dental student at Tufts University in Massachusetts (USA), also shared on Tiktok:" Bacteria stayed back on your teeth overnight should brush your teeth before breakfast to help you have a fragrant breath and prevent tooth cavities ".mayo clinic, a medical center also said you will be at high risk of tooth decay More if "do not clean oral after eating and drinking" but emphasizing "do not comb immediately after eating". Especially if you have taken something acidic as carbonated drinks
You should also avoid continuous snacks, because this creates an acidic environment continuously in the mouth. Post Duong (According to NY Post)

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