Why Colombian Born Many Mercenaries?

Colombian soldiers are carefully trained but the life does not guarantee after retirement, causing them to take mercenaries in many countries in the world.0 of the world.02: 00/2: 58 nam of Colombia Army Commanders The press conference on July 9 to talk about mercenaries participating in the assassination of President Haiti Jovenel Moise. (Photo: Reuters) At least 17 Colombian veterans are among the groups of suspects to assassinate the assassination of President Haiti Jovenel Moise this week in Tu Dinh. Hati officials affirmed the culprit as a foreign hire force

. It is unclear what the engine and mastermind of the attack are. According to officials and military experts, for those who want to find mercenaries, Colombia is a variable city choice. Nearly 60 years of civil war in this Central American country created a feminated trained soldier
People belonging to elite terrorist units can retire at age 40, with little pension And there is little chance to find another career. "Recruitment of Colombian soldiers to go to mercenaries elsewhere in the world is a long-term problem, because there are no laws to ban that. An example is a lot of Colombian soldiers in Dubai ", Commander of the Armed forces Colombia Luis Fernando Navarro tells the newspaper.uae is an important customer of Colombian veterans to fought them Houti forces were backed by Iran in Yemen, or support forces in Panama, El Salvador and Chile, Mr. Sean McFate, a senior researcher at the Pacific Council and is a professor at the US Defense University, said. . Warriors from Latin America only taken part of the US or British veteran, but that income is 4 times higher than their pensions, Mr. McFate writes in the 2019 report. Navarro said the soldiers retired The country has the opportunity to participate in technical courses, but the military does not manage retired members. Colombian people are often recruited as mercenaries because they have experience, Ecuador Zapateiro army commanders told Reuters
"It is embarrassing because they are trained for other purposes," he said. Colombian soldiers have experience in anti-uprising, anti-terrorism or have been taken to train in countries like the US and Israel Usually the recruiters are targeted, a military source said that all Colombian men have to go to the obligation at least 1 year in the military or the national police force, whether some college people have Can pay money to exempt obligations. In a professional soldier is one of the few options for people with modest, especially in rural areas, where many conflicts are affected by conflicts. They are paid low, have to work dangerously and must be far from relatives, as well as becoming criticized in military people accused of human rights violations. The McFate said Blackwater is one of the contractors The most prominent private military in the US, but many veterans in a series of countries are imitating this model of doing this business. "Every day there are more military groups. Private came in countries like Russia, Uganda, Iraq, Afghanistan and Colombia. Their services are more flexible than Blackwater, their people have greater fighting and are willing to work for the highest payers without care of human rights. They are true mercenaries, "said McFate in the report. Because of Reuters

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