Why Did The Female Supply Live Her Life After Leaving The Bow?

On the royal palace of the king working since more than 10 years old, the feinal Chinese women's supply will be exported when about 25-30 years old. However, when they were freedom, they could hardly marry and gave birth. Why is it? Under feudal, Chinese women's supply is one of the servants, taking care of the daily life of the king and the frequency in the harem. difficult. They were sold by the family to be a female supply to get money to cover the family for their families

. At the supply, women's supply are usually more than 10 years old. According to the rules in the royal palace, if the female supply does not make a big mistake, it will be able to be protected for the supply. Normally, the female supply can be exported when about 25-7 years old
According to the concept of the Chinese people, women at the age of that age are considered to get married. Because Chinese women feudal are often married when about 14-15 years old. Due to older, they are supposed to be difficult to have children. To find a good marriage, especially unmarried men is not easy with women's supply after exporting. Can only be as married by others. The concern will make them have a hard life when they are pressed by their husbands and their wives. More, if after becoming a concubine that they cannot give birth to maintain the fire for their husband's house, the female supply will Being worse by everyone. Added, after years of working in the supply and to pay attention to the face of the employer to work, the female supply did not want to continue to consider the idea and serve her husband and family The husband's house came at the end of his life.Do, many female supply after exporting the selection did not marry and lived alone. As a result, they can enjoy themselves, do things that love themselves in the last years of life
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