Why Do Billionaires In The World Are Interested In Prolonging Life

According to poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, 'everything has to die', but that can be changed. More and more billionaires, the technology decides to use its huge asset blocks to try to help people 'pass the death'.0: 00/5: 56 Southern southern business science business Amazon - Jeff Bezos, co-founder of the Google Search Engine - Larry Page, CEO Oracle Larry Ellison and Peter Thiel Palantir are typical billionaires expressing their interest in rapid growing fields This quickly. Although the breakthroughs are not guaranteed, they hope that drugs, therapies and other life science technologies will help people live better than 100 years old and can come 200, 300 or even longer. But will their efforts bring benefits to humanity in general or just for rich people? It is a complex question that causes many ideas

.stefan Schubert, researcher at London's economic and political science told CNBC: "The initial technologies are only suitable for the rich people's money bags. Indeed, this is true for everything, from aviation travel to smartphones and medicines. Jaan Tallinn's technology investor, Skype co-founder, told CNBC that, the task of life forever Silicon Valley will eventually benefit humanity in general
Tallinn said: "I think death is clearly a very sad thing, which makes prolonged life become a high thing both morality. The leaders always tend to pay more and accept larger risks than the mass market. "The founder of Amazon - Jeff Bezossean Ó Heigeartaigh, co-director of the Risk Research Center of Dai Learn Cambridge "Many progress in science life expectancy can bring extensive benefits, they can reduce the emergence or severity of aging-related diseases including dementia and diseases Related to the heart "Climate change should be placed in advance some concerns that the finite resources of the earth may be stressed if people live longer, healthier." Lengthening life Maximum way for me It seems that it is difficult to realize but identify and resolve factors related to aging and increase the ability to protect against the conditions of the episodes of the effect, it sounds reasonable. ", Heigeartaigh, said. However, at the time the progress extends meaningful life is done, Henigeartaigh hopes people Oil will be more stable in many parts of the world. HóiGearTaigh adds: "Our unsustainable resource challenges will need to be resolved before science addresses aging issues. We have more urgent things to worry than the risks of prolonging life, such as climate change in the next century "when some people believe that billionaires can spend money Their for what they see fit, not everyone thinks that the billionaires technology should use their money to fund extended research. Jon Crowcroft, Professor of Computer Science at the University Cambridge, told CNBC that, they better pump their billions of dollars into climate change technologies instead of studying life. LeveCroft said: "It is meaningless when living forever Tinh is threatened by climate change "
But Tallinn told CNBC that he found the efforts of the billionaire technology to support longevity research as "commendable." When billionaires target special attention to 'rejuvenating Jeff Bezos Has invested a clause of his huge assets into a new "spring" startup company called Altos Labs, according to a report from MIT Technology Review earlier this month. Altos Labs is the latest efforts of scientific investors in the process of looking for human rejuvenation methods of an anti-aging startup company, which is said to be pursuing biological reprogramming technology, which is also supposed to be Supported by Russian-Israeli Venture Investor Yuri Milner, who has earned a lot of money as an initial investor in Facebook.Altos has not given official announcements, but the company is registered set up in Delaware this year and have been invested at least $ 270 million, according to the California securities information records considered by Professor Will Gornall from the University of British Columbia. In addition to Bezos and Milner, the company is probably a large technology entrepreneurs and a venture capitalist. In another development, Oracle founder - Ellison has donated more than 370 million USD to study too Age aging and age-related diseases, according to The New Yorker reported. In the meantime, two founders of Google are Sergey Brin and Larry Page that helped launch Calico, a mouse watching secret project since Born until death in the hope of finding signs for diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer, according to a report on The New Y

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