Why Do Japanese People Wash Up To 10 Minutes Each Time?

3-minute wash washing techniques with 3 main steps of Japanese people can help you have perfect skin, bright smooth.02: 00/1: 36 male facial washing faces 4-2-4 illustration. 4-2-4 is a special process divided into stages over time.- Start with oil for 4 minutes. - Use ice cream cleanser for 2 minutes

. - The final step is washed in the face 4 minutes. Wmagazine, if you use this face wash method, you just need to do it in the evening, the rest wash with water is enough. Also, you don't need to make daily, just 4 times Week
4 The first minute: Wash the face with the purpose of this period is to improve blood circulation by massaging for 4 minutes. It also softens the top cuticle and helps loosen all pores Confusion is important that you have to choose the right oil to be able to cling on your face. For example, Jojoba oil will be absorbed into the skin. It is better to use castor oil, this oil helps to repel stagnant status and suck poison outside. Be careful with your skin massage if you have any injury or contraindications. Next: Kemed face cleanser When massage face, apply a little cleanser on oil layer. Experts say it should use ice cream cleanser instead of foam or gel format because they do not dry a lot of skin. Please clean your face for 2 minutes with gentle movements to not harm your face. Facial face.4 Next: Wash your face to discharge your face with warm water for 2 minutes, then end with cold water 2 minutes in the next
Warm water can help rinse excess oil on the skin and increase blood flow on the skin surface. Cold water can help tighten pores. Implementing this technique helps supply water to the skin and shiny face. According to Hoang Nguyen / New family

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