Why Do Nha Phuong, Diem My 9x Wears Higher High Heels?

Many female stars receive mixed opinions when wearing high heels too wide compared to the foot 9: 00/3: 16 namtham domains attending the event, female stars like Nha Phuong, Diem My 9x ... receive comments Otherwise when wearing high-heeled shoes is more than legs. This happens similar to Hollywood stars

. Famous faces like Jennifer Lopez, Meghan Markle appeared on the shoe templates larger than the foot size.The Sun said that there was a legitimate reason for female stars to choose such shoes. Vietnamese stars often wear shoes High heels are wider than legs
Photo: @Nhaphuongnabi, @ diemmy9x. said when wearing high heels in November 2018, Meghan Markle delights attention when wearing beige high heels. Many people realized she was wearing too big shoes. This happened earlier when Meghan Markle coordinated with wide-sized black shoes. In many occasions, Meghan's shoes often leave a space in the heel. The difference of accessories compared to the right size of about 1-2 sizes. Harriet Davey fashion family said: "Celebrities often increase one or 2 shoe sizes to avoid blistering." High heels can make women feel uncomfortable. Besides, having to wear shoes for a long time, causing the feet of the celebrity swollen. Suzanne Levine - is working at a specialist clinic of foot diseases - agreeing with the above views
Sharing with Today, she judged the action to wear high heels than the legs to avoid hurting the skin like swelling, inflammation. In the absence, it is not possible to exclude the ability to wear wider shoes to Suitable for foot size. Dr. Suzanne Levine noticed that there were many cases of other sizes. Other sizes, Suzanne Levine said that choosing wide shoes better than wearing too tight pairs. However, women should not often wear oversized shoes. Wide high heels is a method to avoid blistering legs. Photo: Marie Claire. Doctor Emily Splichal, New York Foot Doctor, confirms that wearing wide shoes to avoid blistering can cause many other injuries. When having to move continuously on a pair of oversized shoes, except heels, the remaining parts can still be hurt. The most suitable choice is to buy shoes wider than about half size or fit. Italy when wearing high heels wearing oversized shoes, fashion followers worried about how to keep them not slipped. Harriet Davey said: "A small trick is that you can stuff into the toe part of a cushion like a tissue and cotton". Easy materials to remove or add should be prioritized. Besides, some other tips help women not hurt when wearing high heels. Style Castle indicates that the shoes with thick heels are the best choice. You should avoid thin heel shoes. Also, women need to limit thin loafers to avoid feet pain. Accessories with rubber-made base will reduce part of the pressure when walking. The shoe lining is really useful. They are oval pads placed under the soles, made from silicon. This item limits pain. In particular, silicon material helps legs firmly than Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks appears at the event with higher-heeled shoes than the real size of the legs. Photo: The Sun.After taking off shoes, you can spend time stretching your legs. Some movements such as pulling the toes, massaging the feet will be very useful. However, women should not be too abuse of high heels. H'Hen has shared about the lesions that the feet must bear. The spearhead part of the shoe tighten the pain, causing the wound status on her toes swollen, pus and bleeding.When wearing high heels, the body weight will put down the toe bones, causing Painfulness. High heels reduce body balance, making pressure on the spine, knee joints. It becomes the cause of back pain phenomenon, disc herniation or spinal scolius. The underwear patterns help avoid chest stickers, strapless jackets are indispensable accessories when coordinating everyday costumes. Choose the right underwear to help women avoid costume errors.

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