Why Does Cao Cao Said ‘members And Sub-people Cannot Share The Street’?

Cao Cao (155-220) is a political, military exhausted at the end of Han Dong Han in China history. In the movie Three Kingdoms performing in 2010, when Dong Trac has controlled the court, the court was missing Nong Vuong, founding the throne, ie Han donated. Soon after, Dong Trac killed the king lack of waste and Ha Hau, forced Han Dung Phong himself to be the Chinese, the throne on the whole triangulates, back to robbing, killing many civilians. Dong Trac causes many unseptics. At that time, the roads in the country, headed was the introductory, allied to go to the journey

. However, in the Finnite for a lot of people who truly want to hit them dawn except harmful to the people, because while the generals tried to work outside the Front with the Front of Trac, the referral and other vassals Emotional soldiers, drunken a wine banquet did not discuss the army.When, Cao Tao was knocked out but was not responding to anyone respondingly, having to beat the enemy without anyone supported, he was "only said "Kia do" die ". Finally Cao Cao decided to act on his own failed
But thanks to the failure, Cao Cao caversed the true face of the vassals and especially the introduction - his friend at a young age, Cao Cao did not hesitate but loudly scolded the score: "Members and cottage Employees cannot share the street. "Then, Cao Cao took off the mileage, returning to her hometown to rebuild the force, and the vassals headed by the topic also divided and disbanded, killing each other. The viewpoint of feudal and feudal views is two nouns to assess human dignity. I am the manifestation of a man with a meter with a meteor, horizontal, ordinary, indomitable frankness, Trade meaning ... and a delegate is a delegate for calculation and narrowing of ích, cunning, Rude, cruel ... to generalize a prosperous or minor person, using a two sentences cannot be said clearly
But surely if in a collective, someone who is always attempted, compared to the measurement is no longer to pay for both the common benefits, only to earn their own benefits for their own eyes. , Date and night dedication felt bored and lost her enthusiasm ... It was possible to see the above statement of Cao Cao in the movie Three Kingdoms performing in 2010, to refer to him and the hostess with the vassals. Members here are Cao Cao and those who are honest want to knock down. At that time, Cao Tao was a positive explosion god, he had ever despite the risk of Christmas to offer something good, protecting people right away, preventing bad guys. Only unfortunately every Cancer effort failed. The East Han Court caused disappointment. But the current people of Han Trieu truly decomposes cold mind, when seeing the coalition to knock down the intersection to tear each other for tentation, then Cao Cao is not only ashamed for them, but also received So, it is impossible to look forward to any of that "Han Tide". From that time, Cao Cao decided to act alone. The gods must have power to suppress the gods. Without power, all reforms are just on paper. The sub-person in Cao Cao's statement, which is the introduction and floods only to know how to get their own benefits, then quit missed the opportunity to destroy Trac Trac and finally the unpaid to robbing each other's areas of my own cunning face. The introduction and apple removed are you since small, but the personality two Different people. Growing up, the two of them joined the joysticks of gold towels, knocking on Trac, ... However, they later become the enemy of each other on the battlefield, the victory always belongs to Cao Cao. Saturday, the introducer died. The ninth ants, Cao Cao to visit and cry in front of the tomb. Perhaps Cao Canh cried because she was a little childhood child who became his enemy. According to Quoc Tiep / Representer

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