Why Does King Ly Hue Tong Be Crazy When They Are In A Bare House?

King Ly Hue Tong is rare in the history of Vietnam was recognized suffer crazy while vi.0 value: 00/7: 57Nu first domain is NamLan crazy Kham Vietnamese history through assessment outline the entry says, "( end of 1216), the king has madness. the king was hit by wind, medicines are not effective, then gradually born mania: when they claim to be natural Minister descends, holding spears and joinery, on bun plug small flags, playing dance apparel throughout the day; when they sweat, the people dry, thirst, drunk, lethargy until forever next day province, not working and must communicate all the politics to Tran Tu Khanh. authority in the country in both their hands Chen ".Hinh king Ly Hue Tong photos on phim

.Can must affirm that moment in 1216, when king Hui Tong with Khanh Tran Tu's military is no different from the Emperor Xian of Han with Cao Cao, ie no bit powerless when their troops are Tran all. Therefore, said "domestic authority both their hands Chen" is just a way of saying legitimize their power in name Tran Ly Hue Tong thoi.Viec must rely on their house wife Chen is not voluntary fun but due to circumstances pressed
Since Hue Tong crowned king in 1210 has continuously happened collision with Self Khanh. The first collision is just not bring myself resistance Khanh Tran Thi Dung sister to the king. May 11.1210, the king sent to meet him second daughter they Chen, but Chen Tu Khanh did not frustration that the court did not give myself Khanh visited King Cao Tong (before the court lest Chongqing to visit that bring many boats International troops Giang friends - this is Van Giang, Hung Yen) .Mua spring next year, January king sent him back to welcome people to their second daughter Chen about. But Tran Tu Khanh did not. It was only at the 3rd, Self Khanh new sister accepted the scribes. However, this marriage did not reduce tensions between the two Ly relations - Tran.Do Dam queen had an aversion to the Tran, plus the old offices Ly should contact Siem push to tense situation in 1213. being sneak, Tran Tu Khanh (probably think is due cause Hue Tong faction) led troops to provide burn ban Thiem bridge and pull on the wharf Breathtaking Great views
Burnt offering, angry false Hue Tong Doan Thuong and Dam Di Mong Tran Tu Khanh beat. March, the king homemade Khanh Tran Tu generals to fight in Mexico Department. It was the first time Hue Tong - Self delivery chien.Dau 1214 Khanh, Tran Tu Khanh Meeting of hosts to which the oath at the shrine in East Phu Do Thai captain wanted Liet to organize rated scribes. DIY king generals to fight Khanh Tran Tu. Meet with fog at large, dark heaven and earth, who are in the same boat indistinguishable. King march to Mexico's Department of the Army met United Le and Nguyen Restoration drummer shouting to unrelenting, please view the king's army. Then the king natural forces shattered. Troops must leave the boat, which runs up the. Vuong Le, Nguyen Restoration catch the boat (boat of the King). It is the second most Hue Tong - Self Khanh war that lost parts belong vua.Sau 2nd time this battle, the king in Tra Dinh camp heard the new army were lost to put away fear that the wrong price into supply prohibited to pick up the boat fled Dowager Lang Chau. This defeat led troops and the prestige of King Ly serious decline during the Tran atmosphere cao.Tiep back up there, myself several times Khanh election recipients meet the king on such errors Hue Tong refused. The thing that most spicy Hue Tong Tu Khanh This is then up to your general other royal throne and Ly Furniture arson supply. Great Vietnamese history strategy says, "April, Tran Tu Khanh discovered infantry robbed gold and material resources in the negative way of the view. Whereupon welcome new Nguyen Vuong go to supply and departmental. And wrong again Linh burning bow Furniture in the capital, including 19 facilities, "" June, Tran Tu Khanh beat Nguyen Non in supply Holy Nghi, then burned provision that "" September, Tran Tu Khanh led war infringement store room. the king along with Thai Weather fortunate opportunity troops to fight to keep. on that Tran Tu Khanh drop soldiers go and spoil the material resources of the government of the king. then arson almost supply furniture and homes in the city. on Ky Ty, king with Queen returned scribes saw bow damaged furniture destroyed it all back in a new house next Holy Taihe bridge. the king was wrong to build cottages in ".For shame was 3 times gas supply losses should head in 1215, Ly Hue Tong edict: "Tran Tu Khanh gathered party hackers violent pillage theft place scribes. Under the water, on land have marched towards prejudice cardboard shrine social rules but in winter through, the gas handling strength even stronger. Tran Tu Khanh Director loose rapacity flood out tyranny. They plunder our animals. We burn our supply loss. Given that the neighborhood in the city into ashes. Tran's because of that anger of his people back memories million because of the sacredness of an ancestor and his six cardboard. Bring all six soldiers, corms to suppress them. So good captain doctoral when you are obedient to this projection, each person must bring out the user wholeheartedly make full discretion station ".Can see the relationship between Hue Tong and myself Chongqing in 1215 was in that k

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