Why Does Mr. Park Ask For A Strong Press To Leave The Press Conference Early

During the press conference between Vietnam and China, Do Duy Manh central defender was a player designated by Coach Park Hang-seo to appear before communication. But the Korean strategist has acted Unexpectedly when asking for a strong press conference. The Vietnamese team will encounter Chinese rival at 0h (Vietnam time) on 8-10 on Sharjah stadium (UAE). The match belongs to the last match of the last round of the World Cup 2022 in the Asian region. The main guard in the press conference

. Photo: Currently, Vietnam and China are the remaining 2 teams and Table B have not yet obtained after 2 matches. While Chinese rivals in turn in front of Australia and Japan, Vietnam could not spend in Saudi Arabia and Australia. Therefore, this is an extremely important confrontation of both teams, with the common goal of the first score
At the beginning of the game, Do Duy Manh shared: "China is a strong team , they have many quality citizens players, but the Vietnam team also has its own attacks. The fact that the players to do are strict tactical compliance that BHL sets out. I personally practiced hard over the past time and all were ready to match with the highest spirit ".hlv Park Hang-seo. Photo: An "Mr. Park told us that every pressure let the coach welcome, the players do not need to pay too much and always keep the optimistic spirit can be comfortable to play the ball, but still have to Keeping a high concentration ", Duy Manh added more. Finally, the Hanoi payroll player is excited to remind the beautiful memories of Changzhou in the U-23 Asia 2018, Vietnam Deputy Team It is said that he plugs the Fatherland flag to any white snow dunes right on Chinese soil will be a powerful source of motivation as well as teammates feel more confident. However, the match results are still in the future and will be decided after 90 minutes. Therefore, Duy Manh expects all players to keep the concentration and determination in each shadow. After this answer, Park Hang-SEO coach has asked to use the early press room to have The preparation time for the training session acquaintances the official tournament
At the same time, he also did not want his students to receive more pressure from the questions of the media. Strong and teammates are determined to find the first victory in the third round of World Cup 2022. Photo: An Back of the press conference, Mr. Park alone answered the remaining questions. For his part, Mr. Park Hang-seo had strong reactions because Chinese media brought false information about his statement. According to the country, the country reported that Vietnam See often and assume that their players are only enough to kick within 30 minutes. However, Korean strategists have given themselves that this is only a guussing game for their players and he has never spoken about the above.

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