Why Does Pharaoh Egypt Stop Building Pyramids For Herself?

After Egyptian Pharaoh Ahmose I, the next king did not build pyramids for themselves. Who causes the Egyptians to stop building a pyramid? In more than 1 millennium, the Egyptian Pharaoh for building the pyramid during the reign. These buildings symbolize the king's power and wealth as well as promote religious beliefs. According to the Data, since the time of Pharaoh Djoser (Egyptian treatment from 2630 BC - 2611 before BC) to King Ahmose I (Because 1550 BC - 1525 BC), many giant pyramids are built. However, since Pharaoh Ahmose I, the next king does not build metal Tower to make a resting place after ice

. Instead, they built the tomb in the Valley of the kings near thebes (now Luxor). Therefore, the valley of the kings gradually become a royal grave area - where many Pharaoh and his wife and children are buried in the surplus tombs. Buried in the pyramid made many people curious
According to experts, the King of Egypt does it for some reason. One of the reasons given by experts can be because of security issues. "There are many hypotheses, but because the pyramid is often stealing, hiding the royal tombs in a remote valley, carving in the stone and there may be a lot of nuclear guards, certainly A certain role, "Peter der Manuelian - Egyptian Professor at Harvard University said this issue, Egyptian Professor Aidan Dodson at Bristol University said before stopping pyramids, Pharaoh Egypt also no longer booked the burial room under this project. Typically, the last royal pyramid of Pharaoh Ahmose I at Abydos has a burial room located behind the pyramid, about 0.5 km away, deeper in the desert. The natural terrain of the valley The king is also considered a reason to explain why this place is popular for the Royal Tomb. According to experts, this place has a peak named El-Qurn, which looks quite like the pyramid.Miroslav Bárta, Egyptians study at Charles University for every Royal Tombs built in the Valley of the kings It is considered to be placed under the pyramid. Luxor's terrain - Egyptian capital in the United Kingdom can also contribute to the Pharaoh to stop building pyramids. This area has limited space and too rugged
Accordingly, Luxor is not suitable for building the pyramids. More, religious changes in the New Kingdom of Egypt emphasizing placing underground tombs can also be the reason why the Pharaoh does not It is still interested in building pyramids. Therefore, the underground tombs in the Valley of the kings became popular. The readers watch the video: Egypt discovered ancient treasure with over 100 coffins with 2,500-year mummy. Source: VTV24. English (according to LS)

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