Why Does Ronaldo Devalued?

At this time, no big club is willing to spend money to have Ronaldo at all costs. The disease, age and the rise of young stars make CR7 lose the number one position. Only in less than 24 hours, two news directly related to Cristiano Ronaldo made up the summer wave has chaotic capital . First, Corriere Dello Sport emphasized the Jorge Mendes representative of CR7 to introduce the client to Man City, the club is looking for Trung Phong when the deadlock in Harry Kane. Monday, El Chiringuito TV confirms Carlo Ancelotti Bringing Ronaldo to the Bernabeu

. This information comes with Ronaldo's attitude when replaced in the friendly match with Atalanta previously makes the gender worries about the future of CR7. At the age of 36, the owner of 5 golden balls changed the club? Ronaldo put into the locker room immediately after being withdrawn from the yard in the friendship with Atalanta on August 15. Photo: Getty
juve is no longer salty with Ronaldo Ronaldo's reality that the theme is discussed since Euro 2020 ends. The return of Max Allegri on the training chair, the Federico Chiesa was rapidly two factors that made Ronaldo's position shaken. From 2018 to now, Ronaldo is always the center of Juve. Maurizio Sarri used to admit Ronaldo's power at the Allianz yard was outside the expertise and made him "unable to understand" .Alegri is a coach who doesn't like this star patterns. The quality of Juve's ball dropped sharply after the Italian army left in the end of the 2018/19 season. Juve still won Serie A in the next season but set a record of the number of tables losing for 8 years.Alegri is a famous hard coach model. Photo: Getty. The previous rove was a comprehensive failure when only winning the Champions League ticket into the last round
The fact that the whole team Juve must follow to serve Ronaldo is the cause of this causing this fracture. CR7 still scored regularly, but the players around him are not physical enough, quality to serve a relatively obsolete stone. Italy discloses in the day of Juve farewell 2 years ago, Allegri left The piece of paper with the content "Ronaldo will pull back Juve's development". The predictions of this holder finally come true. And the fact that Juve salt invited Allegri after the failed trials with Sarri and Pirlo showed that they were ready to correct the wrong. One of the first things Allegri asked and committed when he returned to Juve is going to use Paulo. Dybala. The Argentinians were severely fallen in the season before consecutive injuries and had a time near Juve. The poor performance made Dybala removed from the Argentina team champion Copa America 2021. This made La Joya determined to find themselves when spending the whole summer in the US to practice strengthening and regaining flexibility. Dybala is inherent to Allegri's pet, and the House of Italians understand what this striker can bring about at the age of 28. That's why he ranked this striker in the priority order compared to Ronaldo 36 years old. Mature Chiesa also made a player born in 1997 into a new star of "old lady". The outbreak of Chiesa's "child" and the cement custody of this star is very pleased to Allegri. Press Italy revealed that Chiesa will be another nucleus in Juve's attack. Where will Ronaldo kick? If you stay in Juve, of course Ronaldo will not be pushed onto the bench. CR7 is still useful at the possibility of hunting tables. But he would absolutely not play a boss like the previous seasons. Juve is ready to rotate Ronaldo with Alvaro Morata or Dejan Kulusevski. With an ambitious rich star like Ronaldo, losing the lead role is not easy to accept. With a familiar club that ruled Italy as Juve, being eliminated in the previous season, so, so, so that after-tax salary of up to 30 million Euro / Ronaldo was a big obstacle, Juve could not invest in stars. Not many people know this: Juve has "dodged" the influence of Covid-19 when the parent company exor pumps 400 million euros to solve debts and budget deficits. But many size pumping cannot do Reduce Juve's largest salary fund of Juve, but most of them are for Ronaldo. Juve never said he wanted to bid farewell to Ronaldo, but the rumors suddenly emerged like the mushroom after the rain at this time, all had to see the deep cause. There are teams who want to recruit CR7, and Juve are holding Caolithful moves to promote the process.PSG, Man City or Real Madrid? In the short term, Ronaldo rumors returned to Real Madrid was crushed when according to Marca, Chairman of Florentino Perez shook his head with this deal. In fact, Real is not salty with Ronaldo is what can be understood. This team is in a thorough rejuvenation process for more than 3 years, and watching Kylian Mbappe or Erling Haaland thoroughly. The recurring money to recruit and pay Ronaldo to go against this philosophy.Ronaldo will go to PSG? Real's only exception in the years The extension of the contract is Karim Benzema, the star is quite quiet and rarely Create a problem in Real dressing room. Ramos was tough with Real to the last minute

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