Why Does Sm Ens Miss An Appointment With The Trains With The High Colors Like This?

Famous is a very know-known company that discovered beautiful boys but SM Ent let go of a lot of brightened practitioners with beautiful appearance with no loss of Yoona or Irena, causing Netizen to constantly secretly rear rear rumors. 00/2: 09 nam nuoi nam here, a rookie actor suddenly was noticed by Netizen especially because the beautiful profile series was ecstatic. That's Choi Hyo Ju, the 21-year-old girl has just signed an actor as an actor with Namoo Actors, which is managing Park Min Young, Song Kang, Seohyun (SNSD). After Learn, Netizen discovered Hyo Ju had a long time as a training of SM ENT, trained to become an idol but then farewell to the company because he realized he was inappropriate as an idol singer.Choi Hyo Ju has very beauty Impressive, praised is to have a face reminiscent of Irene (Red Velvet) but has gentle and gentle gases

. Everyone said that if it was debuted in SM ENT's new female group, she deserves to do Visual.Tuy has never been officially released but Lami is the very famous trainer of SM ENT. It's all thanks to Lami too beautiful with the face in naive, bright smile, considered Yoona new version
lami joined SM ENT since I was very young, the idea will be a member of the female group New company but before the Aespa team officially launched, Lami leaves SM Ent.lý due to the two sides "breaking the middle of the road" is still a mystery but Netizen is extremely regretful, because it's not finding it easy to find A rare beauty sees like this. Currently, Lami has not yet plans to return to the showbiz, which specializes in learning. From Art Yiyang (Xu Yiyang) has been introduced by SM ENT in the SM Rookies project in 2016 so everyone ninh is a trainee The company is advantageous, will soon be debuted. But unexpectedly when the female group has not seen anything, from the art to leave SM ENT in 2018 and go home to the Chinese home. She joined the entertainment company founded by the Founding Prince, who had debuted in the Legal High group and appeared in the live show to create a joint creativity but still not attentioned by the audience. It was not yet done. Make many people regret. Because she has an extremely prominent beauty, the personality is very easy to shine on stage but lacks a lucky opportunity. Let's - Photo synthesis from many sources

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