Why Does The Us Require Ukraine Forget Nord Stream – 2?

The US advisor recommends Ukraine to focus on developing its energy sector and does not care about the NORD STREAM - 2.UKRAINE gas pipeline project, so forget the NORD STREAM project - 2UKRaine should further efforts to develop My own energy sector, not too concerned about NORD Stream - 2 gas pipeline project and Russia's confrontation in the energy sector. This idea was launched by the high-level energy security adviser of the US Department of State Amos Hochstein. The NORD STREAM - 2 gas pipeline project of Russia has completed despite US aggregation measures. "Ukraine don't look at Nord Stream - 2 a limited way

. Look at your future. Ukraine with abundant raw materials just need Ukraine and the cooperative countries to exploit it, "Hochstein Tube said.ong Hochstein also noted that, now European countries are discussing" green "energy for Kiev, In which focus on developing the main human resources in Ukraine
In the long run, this will help Ukraine does not depend on Russia's energy source. According to the US Foreign Affairs representative, the Ukrainian government is also very agree with this direction, which has been discussed by PresidentR. During the trip to Washington. Mr. Hochstein believes that in the framework of integration into a single energy space in Europe, Kiev will also make efforts to develop nuclear energy, helping to reduce the price of renewable energy. The Ukraine's Ants of Hochstein has That means Ukraine should stop preventing NORD Stream - 2 gas pipeline project. America has allowed Russia to complete this pipeline, so as an allies of the US, Ukraine should do the same thing. However, Ukrainian officials claim that they will insist on preventing the project NORD STREAM - 2. Foreign Minister Dmitry Kulba said that Kiev will continue to put pressure on international partners and specifically require Washington and Berlin to take specific actions to ensure Russian gas transport Through Ukraine whether this project is completed. This chief said that Kiev has reason to worry about its energy security in the context of NORD Stream - 2 gas pipeline project has been completed on 10 / 9
The reason is that the recently Russia is supposed to have active measures to quickly receive a new gas pipeline certification, causing gas prices to increase a record. The action of the Ukrainian government in the crisis The amount is losing the opposition. The head of Nashi Party Oleksandr Dolzhenkov remembers that, over 30 years of Independence Ukraine has never been worried about the gas field, but now Zelensky instead of continuing to the transit is doing things that are losing control. He repeated that no legal documents require Russia to continue transiting the gas through Ukraine. Battle against NORD STREAM - 2UKRaine said that the NORD Stream Pipeline project - 2 is a tool caused. geopolitical pressure from Russia. Meanwhile, Russia and Germany have denied this and considered Nord Stream - 2 just a commercial project. Before that, despite the tough stance of US President Joe Biden for Nord Stream - 2, Finally he had to give in with Germany and stopped punishing companies to participate in building pipes. Therefore, the project was quickly completed. However, so that the US President did not punish these companies, Germany must ensure that, after the Russian completion pipeline will continue to transport gas through Ukraine. Since then, the United States is no longer a factor Main in the fight against Nord Stream - 2, despite new calls from Kiev on the imposition of sanctions to prevent the completion of this project. Nguyen Giang

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