Why Does Triumphus Is Covered?

Khai Hoan Mon in Paris, France is wrapped in fabric to commemorate the decent artist Christo Vladimirov Javachchff, who has created this unique type of art. Loader in Paris, France is covered by 25,000 m2 of fabric Plastic in the coming days. This work is made to commemorate the decent artist Christo Vladimirov Javacheff, Bulgaria's original. Photo: AFP. Công Chi Christo and his wife Jeanne-Claude Delt de Guillebon are the creators of unique artwork using cloth to wrap famous works

. Photo: Reuters.When is alive, Mr. Christo and his uncontrollabal wife dreaming of carrying out the artistic work of Khai Hoan Mon fabric
But he and his wife died before performing the project. Photo: Reuters. Christo's son is Vladimir Javacheff that has done his dream. Cost to cover the linen linen to 16.5 million USD. Mr. Javacheff cooperated with Pompidou Museum and French authorities to implement the project. Photo: RTE. Construction is completed on September 18 and maintained until October 3. Khai Hoan Mon will open to visitors for 16 exhibition days
Photo: RTE. Very crowded visitors the procurement of Viinchi fabric. At alive, Christo artist couples wrapped many large projects such as Pont Neuf bridge in Paris, Reichstag Parliament Building in Berlin, Germany. Photo: AFP. The art projects of Christo couples are often very expensive. It impresses a vision, but often causes controversy and it takes years to prepare. Photo: Reuters. One of the biggest challenges of famous clothing art projects is to seek the approval of local authorities. They also have to present on technical solutions, impacts if any with the environment and search for sponsorship. Photo: Reuters.Rung Hieu

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