Why Does Var Reverses The Decision On The Controversial Penalty In The Battle Of England – Denmark?

HHT - In the second half of the semi-finals between England and Denmark, the England team enjoyed a very controversial penalty, helping them win and also made Danish coaches that his team was treated unfairly . Obviously the EURO 2020 prize with VAR (technology that supports the arbitration with a video), so why does VAR do not make the referee to cancel the controversial penalty. (Video Assistant Referee - Referee support technology with video), many situations that occur on the football field can be carefully considered, making the referee more accurately decided. But in the Euro semi-finals 2020 between him and Denmark, a situation that happened in the extra time was controversial uninforced. It was when Sterling (England) fell near the Danish goal and referee Danny Makkelie immediately pointed at the penalty comment

.sterling brought back to his team a very controversial penalty. Photo: Getty. In the meantime, many commentators said that he was awarded that he was a penalty in this situation is absurd, because of the collision - or rather "contact" - in the Danish player With Sterling is very little
Of course, both the team and Danish fans are very indignant. But the VAR does not intervene to make the Makkelie referee decision is reversed to make more question marks. Many netizens say that there are very small errors on the yard, Var makes the referee changing the decision but in an important situation in this gay match, Var seems to have no effect. This is a slow video sterling video, from many corners: Source: Football Var. But Peter Walton, a former arbitration of the Premier League, explained with ITV channel: "Must be a clear mistake The referee is reversed to be decided. " Former Lee Dixon player also said: "I am not sure. The referee made the most accurate decision possible from his perspective. "So, according to Mr. Walton, he still enjoys that penalty because the decision of the Makkelie referee is not considered" a mistake course ". And in this situation, there are many things that are "unclear", such as anyone who cave into, what extent collides
.. has a bad audience to projection of lasers on goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark) When he was about to catch Harry Kane's penalty. Photo: Twitter. The referee Peter Walton stressed again: "You have to remember that, once the referee has decided on the field, only in case everything is completely clear and the referee must Because it is wrong, that decision is changed only ". Please do so many sources

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