Why Is A Series Of Facebook Accounts In Vietnam At Risk Of Permanently Locked?

From the evening of August 17 to this morning, a lot of Facebook accounts in Vietnam were locked, not allowing posting or interacting with friends. The reason may be because these accounts shared sensitive video links related to children.0: 00/3: 16 male "flying" by violating community standards with Facebook users in Vietnam surprised Receive notice of your account locked due to "violation of community standards". They have a maximum of 30 days to "appeal" and if they do not give a good reason, the account will be permanently locked. Not only is a normal facebook account, some Facebook accounts with green areas own large tracks are also completely disabled

. Many Facebook users in Vietnam unexpectedly received a locked account notice Due to "violating community standards". When sending a notice of the account lock, Facebook has a link to the community standards of social networks but not only that users violate any terms or policies Many people feel very difficult to understand. In some groups of groups on Facebook, not least opinions that people locked the account above are involved in a "sensitive" video about children
Before that, on August 16, a video recorded Action "rain clouds" of children about 9-10 years old has been spread and shared on social networks; A lot of comments "Inbox Share Link", "Make friends Share Link" ... appear again, accompanied by obscene comments. Consequently, users have shared this video in any form (even sharing via personal messages) are handled and locked by Facebook. In Section 7 of the Community Standard Content , Facebook wrote: "We do not allow display of sexual exploitation content or danger children. When detecting clear child exploitation behavior, we will report to the National Center for Children I am missing and exploited (NCMEC) under the current law. We know that sometimes people share their children's nude photos with good purposes, however we usually remove these images to avoid abilities Being abused and reused or appropriated or appropriated ". Stress of this incident, many users expressed agree with Facebook scanning accounts sharing hot clips, a hilly-taken behavioral behavior Depraved to condemned. "Children erotic", "abuse and sexual harassment"
.. are legal issues in many countries, including Vietnam, sanctioning very heavy. Technology firms like Facebook, Google, Apple ... are applying many strict measures to limit and handle children's pornographic content shared on their platforms. In Vietnam, the spread of clips, photos Sensitivity to social networks can be treated in accordance with the law in Decree No. 72/2013 / ND-CP of the Government on management, provision and use of Internet services and online information. Advanced harmful harm after a series of facebook accounts are locked, the facebook account unlock service also appears. Many ads can reopen their accounts to be disabled for only VND 50,000 - 200,000 VND, particularly someone offer a price to 500,000 VND. To unlock a Facebook account, these services require users Provide personal information, image identity card, citizen or passport identity ... Unknown This Facebook account unlocking services are effective as advertising or not Facebook users can face At the risk of frazzing, losing money and losing more personal information. Want to protect your rights, Facebook users can click the "Oppose decision" button at the account lock notification, then perform At the request of this social network (usually provides personal information, photo shots of identity to provide Facebook). If you're lucky, you can get the account to unlock your account after waiting time.

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