Why Is America Try To Prevent Quantum Technology To Develop Quantum?

Among the Chinese companies banned from access to technology by the US government, there are two companies and 1 universities that have contributed to creating the fastest quantum supercomputer in the current world, with speed calculation speed The SYCAMORE processor of Google.Financial Times reported that the US Department of Commerce has just added 27 technology companies to the blacklist, of which mostly China, Pakistani and two related businesses in Japan Version, Singapore. These companies operate in quantum computing, semiconductor and aerospace. Front, intelligence officials concerns national security will be affected by China who are trying to access technology Quantum and artificial intelligence (AI) of the United States. In the number 12 China Company was included in the entity list, with Quantumctek and Shanghai Quantumctek, along with the micro-physics science laboratory Hefei is specializing in quantum computing

.Theo Xinhua, QuantumCtek is a Chinese enterprise who has contributed to bringing quantum technology in fact in fact, election is a super sim card to help Chinese smartphone users have Can make calls protected by quantum coding. Unlike traditional coding methods based on quantum algorithms, encryption based on quantum physics laws, with extremely high security. The company also supports China's Mozi quantum satellite launch
Sina News reported that Quantumpctek signed a joint venture agreement with the State's Chinese Telecom Group to research and develop code communications technology Trade quantumization, towards quantum integration with 5G, Big Data (Big Data) and cloud technology. BizLive newspaper

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