‘why Is My House So Poor?

In her 7-year-old girl's memory. Each time the mother goes to the market for all melon bags, a rotten bag, radish bag. It crushes to the bottle of both hands.0: 00/2: 30 South Vietnamese "Mother buys the beet, melon vegetables?" "Mom bought. At the end of the market, it was broken, bad people were thrown away

. I can still eat so I can pick up, filter the rotten section, rinse and then salty salt to get long. "I save the money for my child." "I see you tell my house poor
Huh? "The illustrated photo was selected by the author. He was startled to cut into his hand, he was worried about to find ice. Dao sharpened but not with its accidental words and said it, as stale in his mother's heart. "Mom in pain?" "No, I don't hurt ...". Mother's eyes are flowing back in the heart .________________ Later a little bigger than its self-awareness, it never dares to ask anything because he was afraid of his mother's role. But she also never have to let it lose or lacks a lot of friends
Mother wearing a tens of years of fraying shoulders, patching, but every time it comes to the National Day. Go buy new clothes to prepare for the school year. Passed by the mother to go to the province. "This shirt is too expensive." It saw the price rushed in place. Because it knows the money to buy the other shirt it can buy food for the whole week. " Other places, but its nostalgic eyes can't hide her mother. "There was a little less, let me take two for two children." Mom was about to reopen with a pocket of 1 thousand, 2 thousand The sweat of tears boiled tears, was early early harvesting, afternoon picking vegetables sold, getting more goods about cuttings only. It used to drop out of school to make her mother hard but her mother scolded . Mother's life is not much hard to go to school, no matter whether a loan to run backwards, it must be worried that children are at least all levels. This suffering, suffering because she is a mother, suffering because people have money to worry about the dignity of the school and they have nothing, so their children are disadvantaged, rolling society from early. But she doesn't know that the luck Most in this world for it is to be a mother's child. Tasting the poverty, everything is suffering so it is not afraid of poverty to be afraid of suffering, throwing it well as a thorny mist. It teaches hunger for tearing for fragrance. No matter how long it has to live for kindergarten .__________ "Mom, I bought this shirt." "Is it expensive?" "Not expensive with my mother's birth." According to the village

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