Why Is The Most Moon Bakery Floating In Saigon Crushed Buyers During The Episodes

Between Saigon days, a rare brand opened the door to sell moon cakes was very interested by a lot of people, shopping for shopping.0: 00/2: 09 NamTrung Thun in 2021 will probably celebrate Memorable with many people. There are no magnificent trafficking or decorating scenes, instead people choose at home, protecting their health and community health. Even so, at a traditional moon cake shop in Saigon, it is still crowded with "people going into people". This is a rare moon cake shop, opening the door to serve the holiday season

. The famous moon cake in Saigon episodes guests on the afternoon of September 17, on September 17, at the cake base Ham Nghi Street delivered with Ho Tung Mau Street, dozens of people queuing in turn to receive cakes. Motorcycles are lined up, located on the roadside. Even sometimes occasionally appears a few guests go to car, visit the store to wait for "enrollment", purchasing goods and safety for customers and staff, bakery management applied methods Order through paper
Specifically, each customer will be distributed with information recordings such as flavor, price, ... then choose and resend to salon's staff. During the staff of the cake preparing, they have to queue long, ensuring the requirement of distance. However, at peak hours, the number of guests waited for a large number, some people also tried to enter the front of the store. Long Queue goods waiting to buy cakes. It is known to be the famous cake shop, More than 50 years of business in Saigon. In previous years, customers in this brand were many times higher. Currently, customers are mainly militants, militants, medical staff and some volunteers in the team go to the relatives in the blockade area
Functional forces are also available to control distance, remind people to avoid crowded concentration. It is known, although there is an active translation factor, the bakery still holds stable prices like every year. Accordingly, the moon cake of this brand ranges from 75 thousand VND to 265 thousand VND / pcs such as Yen Vi fish, Mixed chicken, durian, ... From September 9, Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee allowed some types of businesses including: service and drinking services; Department of postal service, telecommunications and service equipment, office equipment, learning equipment (with business household registration permits) are allowed to operate from 6 am to 18 hours daily in the form Sales take away. As a result, relatives living in the new area can be comfortable shopping, preparing for a slightly more mid-autumn ceremony.

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