Why Is The Movie ‘taste’ Prohibited?

According to information from the Film Bureau, the Director of Kien Thanh has signed a decision to ban the "Taste 'film (Taste) by director Le Bao in Vietnam due to a long scene of the nude.02: 00/1: 06 Southern in the movie "Taste". The film said, the movie "tastes" is banned from projecting not by content but because there is a long-standing nude scene between characters. The film got the context of a Nigerian player leaving his homeland, leaving his son to work in Ho Chi Minh City, but the contract with the team expired, then he made friends and moved to four women. Middle-aged Vietnam

. Movie with more than 30 minutes is the nude scene of this Nigerian player with four older women in during the process of living, eating, resting. The decision is given after the appraisal and classification board Assessment of the Central Story, simultaneously consulting and consulting comments from a number of representatives of cultural agencies. The "taste" is considered to also find out about art creativity, but violating the Law of Electricity Photos, not suitable for Vietnamese culture
The film is not allowed to be disseminated in Vietnam and is not carried out in the international exam.Phim "Taste" has been sanctioned by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to receive administrative violations of VND 35 million in the field of culture Send film to Berlin Failure 2021 without a common license.

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